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A New Star?

Today I met “Anna”, a new possible performer who Violetta (who starred in my last film) recommended. One of the first things Anna mentioned was that she would like to possibly work with her partner. I thought great – a real couple with genuine chemistry… but then she told me that sometimes he has problems getting or keeping a hard-on. I don’t think it is a good idea to involve him in a possible shoot as a camera crew watching would add more pressure and then they might not enjoy themselves; that would not make a good scene, as well as going against the “feeling it, not faking it” ethos I work to. I am not sure if Anna will join the team – she did not come across as very enthusiastic and this production is a labour of love. Enthusiasm, passion and idealism is essential and what keeps us going.

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Nua Fundraiser

Nipped down to Nua – a very cool Brighton based sex shop – to show my support to Jeremy who cycled 24 hours to raise money for Pride. I arrived when he had just one hour to go. He had been on this bike all night (with only the occasional 5 minute break) and it was chucking it down. He pulled trough though and by the time of the countdown to the last minute, the sun had come out and there was a carnival like vibe on the little lane. The champagne corks popped, the Pimms flowed and everybody was cheering. Jeremy raised almost a grand for Pride. Well done!

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Interview with a like mind

This morning I interviewed Robbie Swan, the editor of the Australian adult industry magazine EROS. I really enjoyed it. He has so much experience in the fight for sexual freedom and is still passionate to change the laws on porn to liberate people sexually. I admire his idealism. We both agreed that the laws in most countries on porn are antiquated and based on a double standard: it is legal to produce or possess porn but difficult or even illegal to sell it. We also agreed that the adult industry needs more natural performers who are sexy by being individuals rather than porn clones.

Robbie and I are hoping that more adult businesses will adopt more ethical production values rather dehumanising people. He mentioned the amazing site, a website that shows clips of very natural looking people having an orgasm by just showing their face and leaving what turns them on to the viewers imagination. The Melbourne based makers of the site are doing what they call new age porn. That is exactly where I believe its at: body mind and soul have to come together for a truly ecstatic and fulfilling experience.

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Casting Starts!

Today I did a casting for the new film. It is always exciting to meet a performer for the first time and gauge whether they will fit into the team and stay true to my concept of “feeling it not faking it”. I am especially critical of men who often want to be porn stars simply to feed their already over-inflated egos. There is no room for a mindless pumping stallion in my films.

I met “Georgio”, an Italian chef who lives here in the UK. He found me via word of mouth which is how I find most of my performers. As we sat down for a drink in the evening sun my first impressions are good: He is handsome in a rugged sort of way, polite and a bit shy rather than bragging about the size of his cock or sexual exploits. Delving into his sexual preferences also sounds promising: he likes giving head and does not object having his “secret garden” (bum) stimulated – a huge taboo for the average straight guy.

If all goes well, he will be part of the team and we will shoot scenes that will reflect a bit of what he is about – boxing, salsa dancing and cooking… as a framework for passionate sex. But as I know from my last production working with part-time performers, things might change in his life and he might change his mind… Lets hope he doesn’t and the girls will like him. So fingers crossed.

PS: No I have not seen his dick yet or made him masturbate as part of the casting!

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A trip to Emilia

Emilia Wren

Went up to London to visit Emilia who starred in both of my erotic films. She is about to give birth to her first child and has blossomed into a beautiful mature woman.

We did a photo shoot in her garden to document her beautiful curves. We shared a lovely English summer afternoon. Emilia is excited to play yet again in front of the camera when I shoot my third erotic film later in the year.

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