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A busy day!


What a nightmare it has been. No camera so I had to hire one early in the morning for lots of money because without the camera I would have had to cancel today’s solo play scene shoot.

And then after two days of bright sunshine all of a sudden a grey sky and drops of rain. Today was G’s first shoot. He is a local Italian chef that lives around the corner form me and has always dreamt of playing in an erotic film. He is a hunky thirty-something Latin Lover and I baptised him “Cicciolino”. After mowing my lawn (part of the story line of him being the naughty gardener but it also needed doing anyway) and dowsing himself in ice-cold water from the hose, he was meant to play with himself in my hammock. But by then it started raining and even though Cicciolino had warmed up in my hot tub he was still really cold. The result: he could get it rock hard but just was not in the mood to finish. So we called it a day, hoping for sunshine and a horny mind and pulsating cock another day.

After Cicciolino left Vanessa came to see me for a photo shoot. She is a twenty year old model from Brighton. She wanted photos for her website something less moody and burlesque as in our last shoot but more classic “glamour”. We were lucky: at about 5 o’clock the evenings sun came out and we ventured to the seafront. In her mini skirt, pink rollerblades and her perfect and well practised “come and get me” look we nearly stopped the traffic. I used the ice cream van as a prop and the guy selling the ice cream was so chuffed he could watch we got free ice cream which came in handy as a prop.


Vanessa also posed semi nude in my garden in the golden evening sun and it was a pleasure to create some arty and sexy portraits with her.

I am a big believer in networking. Vanessa recommended a possible location in the heart of Brighton for my new erotic movie shoot. It sounds too good to be true. I remember well last year when I shot “Female Fantasies” what a nightmare it was to find decent locations. Those that are on the book with an agency cost something like £1000 an hour and private ones usually fall through when people hear the word “porn” and get cold feet. The five storey house has a gorgeous and spacious kitchen – perfect for the scene with Cicciolino as the naked Italian chef serving and pleasuring the ladies of the manor. Vanessa also recommended an escort website she had heard of for possible male performers. I went on it immediately to suss out the talent and rather than seeing some gorgeous faces, I got bombarded with cock shots. When are the guys gonna get it? For me and many other girls its: face, hands, bum, cock – in that order. If I don’t like the guys face I don’t care about the length of his cock. But its not just about looks either. The attitude is also important. That a guy is happy and able to pleasure women and has a unique personality with their very own likes and dislikes. Yet the lists of what the male escorts I browsed are up for is endless.

They tick so many boxes that their total eagerness to do whatever becomes unattractive. I prefer to work with people who know what they like and are happy to share it but also have boundaries. It makes them real human beings rather than fuck machines. Most worryingly 95% of the guys on the escort site want to have “bareback” sex – unprotected. No, Thank you – not during my film production.

The quest to find the perfect part-time porn star continues!

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A Lens Crack’d

Yesterday my video camera stopped working out of the blue. It will take two months or more for Sony to repair it. I have a key shoot for my third erotic film so I need to get a camera FAST. I bought one second-hand through a dealer I rely on. They promised the camera would turn up today but it didn’t. I waited all day, chased the company, chased the courier. They kept on promising even at 5:25 that the camera will be here but by 7 pm it was time to face the reality. I will be shooting tomorrow morning but have no camera. Bummer. I am so angry.

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