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Onwards and upwards

Petra Joy

It has been an exciting few weeks. I have been working on my compilation “HER PORN” non-stop. Not a day went by without me talking to some of the fantastic directors featured on this DVD. One day I am chatting to Candida Royalle and the next I am talking to Maria Beatty or emailing Shu Lea Cheang. I feel the other directors are more than just fellow erotic filmmakers but have become good friends. And it is so uplifting that we are now all supporting each other in matters such as distribution, on a regular basis.

It is such an honour to be working so closely with such talented women. I am so happy that everyone I did approached has agreed to co-operate and become part of this compilation. It will be very special indeed, featuring rare diamonds of female-made erotica. I am particularly proud that the double DVD will also feature interviews with all the filmmakers. This way the viewers will not just be able to enjoy the many different artistic hand-writings but also get to understand each filmmaker’s philosophy. It seems that when it comes to porn for women the philosophy behind the films is essential and women would like to know what the director’s are all about.

I hope that this compilation will not just sell in licensed sex shops but also be a teaching tool in seminars on “feminism and porn” that currently run at many universities Europe-wide. I have been approached by six different individuals who are writing their MA thesis on the female perspective on porn. Porn by and for women is extremely relevant because it is part of the feminist fight for equality. To finally have films available that represent how we women see our sexuality or men rather than always being bombarded with sexual images that were done by and for women is one step further on the path to sexual equality and liberation. Women feel empowered when they see natural looking performers being satisfied orally and they enjoy to sit back, be a voyeur and watch a guy strip and play with himself. But the men (who are ready for it) can be inspired too – they finally get to see a more realistic representation of female desires and fantasies. So if we are open to the change it’s a win-win situation.

I have great hope for this compilation. I would like to make clear that there are not just a few women out there shooting porn or that this is a recent phenomenon. The truth is that there are many of us and some women have been producing and directing porn for women for decades now. Until now it was hard for all of us to find distribution, so we were not heard or seen. I want to change that. Some of the filmmakers who feature on the compilation have no distribution in Europe or the UK yet and by including their masterpieces I want to put them on the map of discovery. The discovery of female sexuality and erotic art.

Apart from working hard on creating this unique compilation I have also been working my ass of in the gym. I finally invested the money to join a fab gym with a pool and am spending every free minute there: Pumping weights until I am sore and swimming like a true aqua girl I am sweating and recharging at the same time. I have also given up eating meat (I used to be veggie for 25 years and somehow due a hectic work schedule during the last years succumbed to eating meat again) and drinking booze and none of this feels like a sacrifice but like a fresh and clean start. I feel amazing, strong and positive. By taking care of myself I feel I have more to give to my projects and all the wonderful people I am connected with. I am hungry for more: life and love, creativity and adventures, fulfilment and joy. I believe again. The future is bright and has begun right now.

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EAN Magazine, January 2009

EAN Magazine
The second part of a special feature in which Petra discusses “What Women Want”

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