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Cinekink in New York


I have always believed that art can be porn and porn can be art. It is an exciting development that all alternative film festivals bring erotic films back to the big screen. It frees explicit erotic films from the “smut stigma” to be celebrated in cinemas by an appreciative audience.

It all started with the Pornfilmfest in Berlin in 2006 and since then more and more erotic film festivals have sprung up all over the world. On Tuesday Cinekink in New York kicks off and I am please that they are showing some of my work again. “Artcore”, my short from “Feeling it”, will be the opening film of the opening night which is a great honour. The opening gala happens at KUSH, 191 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002 at 8pm.

“Artcore” closes with the words “What is your fantasy?” written on a hot guy’s back. And I really hope that my short film as well as all the other erotic delicacies that will be on show at Cinekink will inspire the audiences to explore their very own sexual fantasies – and maybe even express them in a film! There is a great line up and I am pleased that they also are also showing “Only the best” from “Feeling it” and so many great films from my friend and fellow erotic filmmaker extraordinaire Marie Beatty.

I would have loved to be in New York. It is such a buzz to see your artwork on a big screen together with a live audience. The support and feedback that these events provide is invaluable. I also wish I could enjoy some of the new films and meet more erotic filmmakers. It is always a great inspiration to network with other artists. But sadly I simply cannot afford to go. Last year I went to many film festivals and met many other female directors all over Europe to interview them for my upcoming compilation “Her Porn”. The result was 12 amazing trips and an empty purse. As an independent filmmaker it is hard. There is no boss to finance these work-related trips and with the stronger Euro this year I will not be able to go to as many events as I would like to. A trip to America is pretty much out of the question as well unless I find a sponsor.

Maybe, maybe I will be lucky as I am glad to announce that for my third film “Feeling it!” I finally have found a distributor in America. The wonderful Candida Royalle is supporting me and will release “Feeling it!” later this year under her “Femme” Label and “Adam and Eve” will distribute this title. I am glad that this film will finally be available in the States as I get so many emails from across the Atlantic asking where and how my films are available in the US. Slowly but surely things are moving. It is all about being patient and realistic whilst never losing sight of the vision and dream.

Good luck to the Cinekink team. I hope many people will come to support you and be inspired by the films you hand-picked for pleasure.

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Brigitte Magazine, February 2009


An in-depth interview with Petra discussing her films (in German).


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Elle Magazine, February 2009

Elle Magazine
A special feature in the Dutch version of the prestigious Elle magazine on Women in Porn (article in Dutch)

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