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Baby Bunny Joy


In the last few weeks I have been editing my documentary every day from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and it was a welcome break from staring at the screen to play with my bunnies Silver and Brownie for a few minutes every so often. I noticed that Brownie’s belly was bulging and she started ripping out her fur and gathering hay to build a padded nest. I had a feeling that she was pregnant but the Vet told me that he can’t feel any baby bunnies and she was too young anyway, so she diagnosed a “fake pregnancy”. But she and Silver had had a lot of sex before he got neutered – so there was a possibility.

Last Sunday she did not want to leave the hutch to roam around my lounge as usual and when I checked her half an hour later she was licking her newborn baby bunnies dry. They are tiny, helpless creatures – naked and still blind when they were born. They curled up under the fluffy fur nest to sleep and grow and Brownie bounced up and down the sofa as is nothing had happened. So I now have four bunnies – two munchkins and two mini-munchkins. They are one week old now and have already got tiny teeth, claws and a sleek fur coat. I have been in too much awe with those little lives to drag them out of the nest in order to take pictures but once they are out and about in a week or so, I will be spending a lot of time watching them and taking pictures. I never thought that it would have such an impact on my life to get bunnies for my birthday six months ago but it has made me calmer and happier to have those curious, cute and intelligent creatures around.

So it is with mixed feelings that I set off on holiday to Greece for a week tomorrow. The bunnies are in safe hands with my neighbour but I will miss a whole week of growth and development of the babies. However it’s been almost 2 years since I last had a holiday and I need to recharge as when I come back I have many exciting projects lined up.

I will tell you all about it, when I get back hopefully all glowing next week.

I hope the sun will shine on you too. Enjoy.

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AVN Europe Magazine, May 2009

AVN Europe Magazine

An in-depth interview with Petra discussing her films.

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ETO Magazine, May 2009

ETO Magazine
An in-depth interview with Petra talking about her new compilation “Her Porn”.

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Indie diamonds

Petra Joy

I just got home from a screening of European short films at the “End of The Pier International Film Festival” near the seaside town I call home. The cinema was EMPTY – I was the only person watching and even though I felt honoured to receive this involuntary VIP treatment, I felt sad for the festival organisers. Like many cultural events and other film festivals, they have had to deal with many budget cuts – when the economy nosedives, culture pays the price first. It’s a glorious sunny day and yes the garden or beach was tempting but I wanted to show my support for other film-makers and always enjoy being inspired by films from all over the world – so many different film-makers, so many unique styles and ways to view the world.

My favourite was a film called “Red Sands” by David Proctor. A very poetic and visually exciting essay on bullfighting in Pamplona. It was shot with just one camera and the many intense close-up and slow motion shots really made it stand out. The voice-over of an old and wise Spanish Senor who loves and hates the ritualistic killing of the bulls carried it through. This was breath-taking, astounding, exciting film-making. Hats off. As I am in the process of editing my 100 hours of footage from the past 2 years into a one hour programme, well-made documentaries that break the mould are a true inspiration right now.

And the rare diamonds one gets to see at independent festivals just don’t compare to Hollywood block busters or prime-time TV. It’s the people who make films for the love of it rather than for the money that tend to create films that touch us. I just hope that more people will get and take the chance to see these kind of indie films as the film-makers get more experienced at networking and publishing their films in innovative ways off- and online.

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