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Good News: The “Joy Award” is born

Petra Joy

I spent the first part of this year creating my compilation “Her Porn” which is a celebration of the female pioneers of porn from a female perspective. To look back and take stock also made me look ahead and think about the future of this genre and new generations of female erotic filmmakers. I truly believe that we will become more and more. This is not a flimsy fashion that will soon subside.

If more women get the chance to portray female sexuality in their own, unique way, and their work will be seen and heard, then we will be unstoppable. And maybe one day, 50% of erotic films (or even more) will be made by women, allowing us to get a balanced perspective on female and male sexuality and desire.

I believe in creativity and innovation. I have always wondered why the adult industry has until now never run a competition for new directing talent as any industry, especially a creative one, will benefit from fresh talent who dares to break the mould. Change is growth.

Sometimes you have to stop wondering and waiting for a change and just do it yourself. I am therefore proud to announce that with the support of my sponsor pjur ( and with the hospitality of the pornfilmfest ( in Berlin I am now running an international short film competition for first-time female erotic filmmakers. The topic is “What is erotic to you?” and I think that the more women share their insights with us, the better… We pretty much know what turns most guys on but what women find erotic is still mostly ‘terra incognita’ to us.

I am hoping for many exciting submissions in any genre or style – the more creative colours of the rainbow the more sensual flavours, the better.

The best three films will be shown in a cinema in Berlin during the pornfilmfest in October. This also where the winners will receive their trophy, the brand-spanking new Joy Award and prizes. All three winners get cash prizes plus a goodie bag from pjur. The best ten films will also receive a signed copy of “Make your own adult video” and a copy of my DVD compilation “Her Porn” and the chance to be published in my upcoming compilation “Her Porn”, volume two.

From years of battling the odds, I understand how hard it is to raise finance for a film and get your first work published and distributed, especially if your film questions clichés and breaks the mould, so I really hope that through my mentoring and the sponsorship from pjur we will discover some new female talent and make more female fantasies seen and heard.

I am honoured that I will be supported in the jury by two extraordinary, talented and pioneering women: Maria Beatty, the award-winning fetish filmmaker and creator of the genre “porn noir” ( and Nicole Ruediger, one of the founders, editors and publishers of the “Jungsheft” ( – a cult magazine featuring nude and masturbating guy candy for their female readers in Germany.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the award’s sponsor pjur who have already supported me in the past by donating samples of their fab “pjur woman” lube for “Her Porn”. I also want to thank Juergen Bruening and the team of the pornfilmfest for letting us host the awards ceremony in Berlin during this exciting film festival which manages every year to bring erotic and porn onto the big screen in cold out cinemas.

Walt Disney used to say “If you can dream it, you can do it!” – my slightly adapted version is “If you can dream it, you can shoot it!”. I really hope you will make your dreams come true and express yourself in your very own erotic film – I am so glad I did shoot and publish my erotic films – it has been a really empowering experience. And I hope it will be the same for you. See you in Berlin!

More information on the award is available here:

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A wedding to remember


Feeling good

“Birds flying
high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Reeds drifting on by you know how I feel

Its a new dawn
Its a new day
Its a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

Fish in the sea you know how I feel
River running free you know how I feel
Blossom in the tree you know how I feel

Dragonfly out in the sun you know what I mean, don’t you know
Butterflies all having fun you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when day is done
That’s what I mean

And this old world is a new world
And a bold world
For me

Stars when you shine you know how I feel
Scent of the pine you know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel
I am feeling good….”

If any lyrics can describe how high and happy I feel after the wonderful blue wedding weekend then it is “Feeling good” by Nina Simone.


I have just returned from two days filled with sunshine, smiles and inspiration. The weekend kicked off with the BLEU body paint workshop and it felt great to get naked and ‘paint’ on huge sheets of paper using our bodies. We all had memories of being carefree children and being naked and creative all the time. Somewhere along the lines when we “grow up” we start to feel ashamed of both – our naked bodies and our creativity out of fear of not being good enough. No fear here as nine adults and a baby imprinted their bodies onto the walls of the Rotunda at Grove House – a fantastic Bohemian performance space and home of our lovely hostess Polly. The workshop was lead by Professor Luke Dixon and supported by Annie Sprinkle herself whose famous ‘tit prints’ take body art to another dimension….After we left our permanent prints on the walls we had to get the remaining paint off our bodies. We had just as much fun painting hosing each other down with ice cold water glistening in the afternoon sun as when we were doing the body prints.

All around us a heave of activity had erupted with many creative, helping hands creating decorations for Annie’s and Beth’s wedding. Tiny paper flowers and booklets imprinted with the message “Love always already is” were hand-made for button holes. A giant sun and moon mask and heart bunters were attached to walls and fences and a beautiful swing, adorned with blue ribbons was hung up in a tree.

Violetta and I enjoyed some Pimms and lovely home-made Pub food before we had an early night with a big day ahead for both of us: me filming the event and Violetta performing and helping me with the second camera.

As it had rained Saturday night we went to bed expecting a grey, cloudy English sky and rain for Sunday but we woke up to a bright blue sky – an English summer’s day at its best !

Annie, Liz, Petra and Violetta

When we arrived at Grove House everybody was already dressed up in their blue and sky themed outfits as clouds, stars, sun, moon and more. I received my headband made of ivy and daisies that all the girls of the bridal party got and wore it with pride along with my heart-shaped sun glasses and turquoise Monroe dress.

Annie and Beth took their time to get into their opulent and sky-themed outfits and I had the chance to shoot some fun footage behind the scenes inside the bride and brides bedroom. They also shared the secret of their lasting relationship with me: Supporting each other and giving each other space when needed.

The wedding procession was spectacular with beautiful people in some of the best fantasy outfits I have ever seen. They sauntered on stage to the notes of “Here comes the sun”. It was a real Wow moment, as if we all had gotten onto the magical mystery tour.

The MC Veronica Hart introduced the brides and delivered to them the heart-felt wished of their friends from the States: Candida Royalle, Veronica Vera, Nina Heartly and many more. And I thought what a wonderful circle of strong, sexy women who have supported each other for decades now. ‘Sex in the city’ – eat your heart out!

The ceremony was a joy – fun and free-flowing with an abundance of creative performances from spoken word to song and dance – the complete opposite of the confinements of conventional weddings. Love as a giant art happening – what a fab concept!

Violetta premiered a stunning performance piece where she unlaced her slinky dress and very slowly stripped off whilst reciting with a quivering voice an erotic poem she had written for her lover – she had me and everyone mesmerized. What a joy to see such a good friend grow and spread her wings and fly higher and higher, the more adventures we share. This girl will go far and further!

Annie and Liz

Then it was time for Annie’s and Beth’s vows and as this year their fifth wedding was themed with the throat chakra/colour blue and the sky they vowed to each other to work on their communication and meet even more of their partners needs by not just talking more but becoming better listeners. Both brides did not just marry each other but the sky as well – taking this opportunity to focus on environmental issues such as the mountain top removal and both pledging to save more energy and becoming vegetarians (after eating just one more rib eye steak Beth conceded to the laughing crowd).

The ceremony was followed by a fun filled kaleidoscope of events. The instant showgirl workshop was fun on the lawn when fifty guys and girls were shown how to hold their head up high and kick their legs high. There was also ballroom dancing. The music was unashamedly sensual and romantic. OK, I admit when I filmed thirty couples of so with Annie and Beth in the middle twirl to “What the world needs now is love, sweet love” I had a happy tear or two in my eyes….

The tossing of the blue garter was a great surprise as a much chuffed Violetta caught it from Annie, meaning that she will have a lovely fling. Veronica Hart caught the bridal bouquet from Beth – so she is the one who will get married next…

The celebrations were rounded off with an ‘oracle session’. A beautiful girl with long black hair in a white dress was floating in an eco hot tub surrounded by pages torn from a book. You could whisper a question to her and she would reveal the future. The queue was long and the predictions were many. Yes, it is a make believe world but how wonderful it is to believe in magic and come out and play with so many kindred spirits and share the love, even just for one day.

As for the brides – there is no need for an oracle to tell them that they will live happily ever after…

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It’s a nice day for a blue wedding!

Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stevens

I love weddings – especially if they are of the unconventional, magical kind. And this one sure is: On Sunday, the 14th of June the wonderful ex-porn performer, director-cum-art activist and tantric teacher Annie Sprinkle will marry her big love – artist and professor Elizabeth Stephens on the “Blue wedding”. This is their fifth wedding to date. They are completely in love and marry each year based on a different chakra colour and spiritual theme. Annie says: “Love is the new sex!” and enjoys delving deeper and deeper into this intimate, committed romance. This year the theme of the wedding is the throat chakra, standing for communication, symbolised by the colour blue. The wedding will take place at the wonderful Grove House in Oxford. Over 50 artists are coming from around the world to co-create and present the dream performance-art wedding. The invitation sounds enticing:

“Eco-sexual brides, artists Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stevens, will make sacred wedding vows to their lover the sky. Yes, the sky with the stars, planets, sun, and sexy clouds.

Some of many highlights of the wedding ritual will be Luke Dixon officiating the vows and sky kiss, actor/director Veronica Hart as the High Priestess, merman Johnathan McCloskey’s boylesque, throat examinations by Nurse Luby, family friendly striptease by Zoe Snelgrove, a flying ring barer, a heart opening chant, love poems, music, carbon capture kissing, glamorous blue bridal parties. Then enjoy the wedding reception with Del La Grace Volcano, Sheep Woman Philippa Jeffery, bubble sculpture, the I Love Myself Confessional, waltzing lessons with Dorothy Max Prior, cake eating, supping bubbly, garter toss, petal throwing, swing on a cloud swing, get party favors, and enjoy BLUE entertainment.

Dress: Wear as much blue as possible and dress in the themes of the wedding; communication, throat, and all things sky related. Dress as costumey and creatively as you like and don’t be worried about showing up the brides.”

Annie and Beth have very generous hearts and make their wedding ceremonies open events as they love sharing and connecting people. Annie says:

“Everyone is welcome to attend, even if you are the kind of person that hates weddings. No material gifts please, your presence is the gift!”

I am honoured and excited to be the official wedding videographer for Annie and Beth. Together with my dear friend Violetta we will have a fabulous time in Oxford, sipping Pimms on the lawn, enjoying a beautiful, blessed wedding and meeting lots of colourful and creative people from all over the world! Hope to see you there.

More Info on the wedding and tickets for Annie’s and Beth’s LOVE ART LAB performance (Friday, 12th June 7-9 at Grove House) and a body print workshop (running on Saturday, 13th June at 11 am or 3 pm) based on the work of Ives Klein (facilitated by Luke Dixon, Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens) is available here: and

We hope to share pictures and impressions with you when we get back from our very special weekend away.

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Summertime and the living is easy

Petra Joy

I had a wonderful time in Greece. Blue skies and turquoise sea all around… As it was still pre-season we managed to find some secluded beaches via our four wheel drive Jeep where we could be naked all day long.

This is one of my favourite things – swimming naked in the sea. The freedom of floating and gliding without any restrictions. If you have never swam naked in the sea before, I really recommend you to try it – a small bit of material makes a huge difference. I am an enthusiastic nudist – it just feels so natural to be naked and I feel really hemmed in by most clothes and shoes. So it was great to spend a week naked on the beach and in the sea. I felt fully dressed in my bikini when I went to pick the day’s supplies – tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and fresh bread – at the supermarket. It felt strange to wear multiple layers of clothes, socks and shoes on the flight back home.

For the first time in ages I feel fully recharged, relaxed and ready for the many exciting projects ahead…


Whilst I was away my bunnies grew up fast – they are now five times the size from when they were born only two weeks ago and bounce around my lounge with endless energy. They are perfect little creatures, fluffy miniature version of their parents and I doubt I will be able to part from them when the time comes to find them a home in two months time.

And now the sunshine has also arrived in the UK and the days are warm, glorious and long.

I make the most of it picking strawberries at the p.y.o. farm and taking my laptop into the garden with me. Knowing England, you just have to make the most of the sun as this kind of weather tends not to last for long. I love summer time because the living is easy and it feels like live energy is bursting out of every single flower, bee and butterfly. I hope the sun shines where you are and you can take some time out to enjoy it.

That reminds me; Del Monte is about to launch a giant ice cream lolly in the shape of Daniel Craig in his tight shorts from that infamous beach scene in OO7 – ripped abs and all. I must go out and get one. I will enjoy – for pure research reasons only of course!

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