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Frankfurter Rundschau, August 2009

Frankfurter Rundschau
Interview with Petra (German)

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Alley Cat Magazine, August 2009

Alley Cat Magazine
Interview with Petra (German)

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The joy of vintage porn

Mondo Topless

Because I have been down and out for most of last week with a nasty flu (thank goddess it’s not swine flu), I was not able to work much on completing my documentary but was tucked up in bed watching – vintage porn. A couple of weekends ago I found some real gems on a local market where someone was selling clearance DVDs for 2 quid a pop. There were no R18 hard-core films but they usually bore me anyway. I picked up a couple of films by Jess Franco and a Russ Meyer movie…

And to my big surprise I really loved them. Jess Franco’s films were shot excitedly and the scenarios were really sexy which I find more inspirational than a dull story with lots of gynaecological hard-core shots.

It was refreshing to see a great variety of female bodies – all real breasts in different sizes and some pubic hair at last. Franco really celebrated the unveiling of bodies by celebrating the undressing rather than skipping it like most porn does these days. There is a fantastic scene in “The Inconfessable Orgies of Emanuelle” (which has nothing to do with the original French Emanuelle films) where a woman in a club really slowly undresses herself on stage. No choreographed stripping routine, no pole dancing. Just this cool woman and her unwavering confidence. She could not care less what anyone thinks of her and holds the gaze of the shocked audience. And when she invites someone to come up and play with her, only another woman has the guts to come up and deliver the goods. And what was a performance turns into an intimate two-woman orgy.

In a later scene two couples have sex in the same room and all that we see is the two women being licked by their guys. The parallel montage between the two women who are getting increasingly turned on is really hot. Granted there were not enough male face and bum shot in the films to turn me on but I still found them a lot more exciting than modern mainstream porn. The eighties clothes and sometimes wooden acting are a laugh but they both don’t matter if the sex scenes do actually sizzle with genuine chemistry.

There is a lot to be said for Spanish directors and I am a big fan of Spanish-made porn. I really like the innovative style of Giancarlo Candiano and also Roberto Valtuena. They are talented filmmakers, directing porn with high production values and from lots of creative angles. As they are blokes I can live with the fact that the sex is shown from a male rather than a female perspective.

I also really enjoyed “Mondo Topless” by Russ Meyer. I like his strong women who are powerful vixens rather than helpless victims. He just shot four different women dancing topless in the American desert and dubbed them with funky tunes and their interviews with the dancers. They all got across as really strong, eloquent and liberated women and that is a joy to watch, even if it does not turn me on. Again – I am not a boob person but if his film was showing male muscle instead of boobs they would do it for me. His wacky angles and parallel montages and sense of humour really work for me. Maybe I will finally shoot my “guy candy” movie one day. Hot male bodies in motion and nothing else. Sit back, relax and enjoy, sister!

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Waiting for visions

Petra Joy

The deadline of my erotic short film competition for women is still 6 weeks away but I am eagerly awaiting submissions. I can’t wait to see as many different female visions of erotica on film as possible.

I understand that for many women this is a big step – it is one thing to watch erotic films and another to direct your own. Candida Royalle once told me : “For women to get behind the camera and take control of the reins of productions is a huge step. It is bold and courageous. It says to the world – we like sex, in fact we like it so much that we chose to make a film about it…” and she is right. Directing your own erotic film puts you and your erotic pleasures first and it is gutsy to share this with the world. But I do truly believe that the time has come for women to do just that – without shame or fear expressing ourselves as men have done for decades.

So come on, sisters what are you waiting for?

Submission Deadline is 30th September 2009. I can’t wait to see your films, no matter if they were shot on your mobile phone or a bells and whistles camera – it is not technical perfection we are after but a creative expression of female desires.

More info on the competition rules and a submission form is available here:

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