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Choose Family, Choose Life?

The Ad for the 'Choose Family, Choose Life?' campaign.

On the 7.2.2010, a “pro-life” ad ran on one of the most-watched televised events in the USA – the Super Bowl. The ad’s theme: football star Tim Tebow was once a fetus whose birth posed significant medical risks to his mother. A doctor advised her to abort the child. She, obviously, did not. And guess what? Her son is now a star athlete and sporting hero of the nation. She calls him her “miracle baby”.

On the surface the ad that was created by the “focus on the family” charity simply promotes motherly love and family values. Not once is the term “abortion” mentioned. But the subtitles of the ad tell a different story: “You should never abort your baby even if its health or your health is at risk. even if you might die because of the pregnancy or at birth. You never know – you child and your might pull through and the sick baby might grow up to become a national icon.” What the ad fails to address is what happens if the mother does actually die during pregnancy or at birth or if a child is born with severe handicaps that will not allow them to life a healthy, long and fulfilled life. (more…)

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