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Green Porn For The New Millennium

Isabella Rossellini's Green Porn

After the disappointment at the Copenhagen Summit 2009, many people around the world are full of fire to make change. There are so many battles to fight: women’s rights, rehabilitation for Haiti, and of course, taking care of Mother Earth.

Lately, I’ve uncovered a few gems (ethically mined, of course!) from people who are doing great things by combining a green conscience and sexuality.

The first you may have seen: Isabella Rossellini’s “Green Porno.” These short films (featuring Rossellini in a number of creative animal costumes) show the wild and wonderful world of animal sex on land and under the sea. Did you know that anchovies mate in large orgies; shrimp strip down as foreplay; starfish can do it two different ways; and whales fight to make love? Kinky, kinky creatures! “Green Porno” makes it so hilariously clear that sex is a playful, creative and sometimes bizarre ritual, no matter what kind of creature you are: Watch it on YouTube. (more…)

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