Monthly Archives: October 2010

Down and Out

 I was really looking forward to autumn. This is normally a really busy time of the year for me, a time to network, be creative and expand. I was particularly keen to start editing my new feature “The Female Voyeur” and to run my “Female Fantasies” confessional booth at Erotica in London.

But things went horribly wrong. Three weeks ago I started to be very sick with high fever, nausea and pain. I thought it was just a tummy bug or harmless infection. So rest and antibiotics were ordered. But nothing helped and after an X-ray I found myself last week rushed to hospital for an emergency operation to do with my kidneys. I had to put everything on hold and cancel the edit and my stint at Erotica – with a very heavy heart as I always like to finish what I have started. I usually enjoy being a busy bee and hate to be forced to be a couch potato right now. (more…)

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