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Let’s groom the girls?!

Maggie goes on a diet cover

A book called “Maggie goes on a diet” has just gone on sale on Amazon, aimed at 6-14 year olds. The sales blurb reads:

“This book is about a 14 year old girl who goes on a diet and is transformed from being extremely overweight and insecure to a normal sized girl who becomes the school soccer star. Through time, exercise and hard work, Maggie becomes more and more confident and develops a positive self image.”

It think it is important to combat a wave of obesity in young people and adults with education about healthy nutrition and by making exercising fun but to just target teenage girls and promote dieting as a “quick fix” is a step too far. (more…)

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The Sweetest Taboo

Petra Joy
What is it about cross-dressing men that creates such a fuss?

Alex Reid’s photo in drag (dressed up for a Fetish party) was front page news in the UK tabloids. He was called a “freaky gay… doing sick things” by his ex’s new boyfriend Leonardo Penna. He is now and forever referred to as a cross dresser, nudge, nudge, wink, wink – as if that discredits him for any professional achievements (in the oh so macho world of cage fighting) or sexual relationships with women. In chat rooms he is called “disgusting” and women tweet that “they like their men to look like men”.

But what does a real man look like? Do we really want to limit acceptable looks of the male gender to muscle mass and body hair? What is wrong with a guy who enjoys cross-dressing, wearing make-up or generally embracing his femininity? (more…)

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Sex workers – second class citizens with no rights?

Obedient Wives ClubThe New York Post discredited the maid Strauss-Kahn allegedly raped with the headline “DSK Maid Hooker”. As usual in a rape investigation, the press – and sadly often investigating police as well – open the witch hunt to discredit the victim, rather than making the rapist face up to his crimes without excuses.

Even if the maid had been a hooker (something she and her solicitor strongly deny, so much so that they are suing The Post and five journalists for libel) – does this mean she could not have been raped? (more…)

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No more glass ceilings!

I just read that in Germany, the country I grew up in, the share women have on corporate boards and executive committees is only 2%. This is the same low figure as in India, that we still arrogantly call a “developing nation” – as if we are so far ahead of them in economic, political and cultural matters. In the UK and US the share of women in these positions is 14%. The maximum input women have at this level of management world wide is still only 20%. Women are over 50% of humankind, so to be represented so poorly in top positions where crucial decisions are being made, is shocking and disappointing. (more…)

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Chop her down – do the latest male masturbators do just that?!

Oh, the joys of working in the adult industry. Every month I receive a new edition of some of the adult trade magazines. Usually most items featured in these mags amuse or mildly annoy me. But sometimes they feature some stuff that really disturbs me.

On the front cover of the current issue of the “Sign” magazine are various “Realistic ‘fuck me silly’ Masturbators” which are basically dismembered female body parts with holes in them made of silicone. (more…)

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Baby You Can’t Drive My Car!

saudi women drivers protest signSaudi Arabia does not issue driving licenses to women and if they already hold international licenses they are not accepted. Women are forced to hire drivers to take them to work or do the school run. The driver’s salary absorbs most of what their female clients earn. It has also been reported that often the drivers sexually harass the women they are driving. (more…)

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We are all sluts…

Slut March

“Women should avoid dressing as sluts to avoid being victimised” was the advice the Police Constable Michale Sanguinetti gave to a group of students in Toronto.

The women were not impressed and 3000 of them promptly took to the streets for the first ever “Slut Walk” to demonstrate for their rights to wear what they want.

The underlying issue of course is that in our sexist society it is still the victim that gets the blame for rape and not the rapist. It is as if the “poor men” are like Pavlov’s dog – they see a mini skirt and can’t help themselves but just have got to rape the woman who wears it, as “she was asking for it”. The stance of feminism is clear: not only should the victims not be blamed but we should look more closely at what rape really is: Rape is not a forceful expression of sex but a sexual expression of violence. Rape is used to humiliate and hurt women, to shut them up, to put them in their place – beneath the men who do not want to accept that when a woman says “No” she means “No”. Men are used to getting their own way – always and at all costs. (more…)

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Desire Magazine

Desire Magazine cover
Cover shoot for issue 58 of Desire Magazine by Petra Joy, published 2007.


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International Women’s Day – it’s still a man’s world…

International Women's Day

When I produced my first ever documentary 25 years ago against violent porn I opened the film with images of the red light district and the James Brown song “It’s a man’s world”:

“This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl!”…

It is the 100th International Women’s Day today but it is still a Man’s world:

Even though women make up more than half of the world’s population, we are still a long way off from being equally represented. Only an average 19% of parliament members world-wide are female. Women still have limited access to education: 41m girls world-wide are still denied primary education and 64% of the world’s illiterate adults are female. Women do still not receive equal pay for equal work. (more…)

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Happy Birthday Jungsheft!


I want to congratulate the fab Nicole and Elke who have just published their 10th edition of JUNGSHEFT – an alternative porn magazine for women.

The editors’ journey started five years ago, round about the same time that I launched my erotic film production. Elke and Nicole wanted to create a magazine that shows sexy photos of the guy next door – stripped naked and with erect cocks. Their subjects are not oiled-up, beefcake style models but normal, unpretentious, sexually liberated guys who volunteer to be shot for the female viewing pleasure. JUNGSHEFT also features lots of editorial on topics that are taboo in mainstream women’s magazine such as strap-on sex or trush. (more…)

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