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Onwards and upwards

Petra Joy

Wishing you all a happy, exciting, erotic and exotic new year. I am much better now and after a two week break in the winter sun (starting this weekend) I will commence with the post-production of “The Female Voyeur” at last.

I would like to to thank you for all your support during what was a challenging time.

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Porn and the “liberal” press

Petra Joy

My blood is boiling. I am so annoyed by Gail Dines’ article about the AVN and porn in general. It is the latest in a long line of anti porn articles in the supposedly liberal Guardian. Especially the last chapter of this article really pissed me off:

“One of the seminars at this year’s expo is called In the Company of Women. Here academics will mix with pornographers to share ideas on how to develop niche products targeted to women. I’m sure there will be lots of talk about how women can be empowered by watching porn, because the pornographers, being the savvy businessmen they are, like nothing more than telling women that porn is actually good for them. This is their “trick”, and one we must resist if we want to replace the plasticised, formulaic and generic images of the pornographers with an authentic sexuality based on our own experiences, longings, and desires.”


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Forum Magazine

Forum Magazine
“Berlin, Berlin” by Petra Joy

Petra Joy visits Berlin’s first porn festival.

Originally published in Forum Magazine Volume 41 Issue 1.

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FRM Magazine

FRM Magazine cover
“Bottoms Up!” by Petra Joy

Petra Joy explores the delights of female-to-male anal sex.

Originally published in FRM Magazine Volume 1 Issue 12.

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