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Pubes or no pubes, that is the question…

Pubes or no pubes, that is the question...

I recently came across an article in The Guardian called “The Naked Truth” taking a strong stance against pubic hair removal.

The author Bidisha wrote:

“Women can now expose their pipi to the breeze from now until the day they die. Great. Why would they want to? If porn told you to jump off a cliff, would you do that too? At least now we can confront the naked truth about women’s submissiveness in all its stark, raw, bald reality.” (more…)

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“Don’t need your silicon, I prefer my own…” (India Arie)

Image (c) Getty Images

I have been saddened by the recent news of women dying due to botched plastic surgery.

20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi from the UK died in the States after (illegally performed) silicone injections into her buttocks. The surgery was performed by non-licensed practitioners in an ordinary (non- sterile) hotel room. Claudia died 24 hours later because the silicone that was meant to increase her butt actually got into her bloodstream and shut down her respiratory system. (more…)

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Forum Magazine

Forum Magazine cover
Cover shoot for Forum Magazine (Vol 39 No 3) by Petra Joy, published 2005.

This issue also contained an interview with Petra, which can be viewed on the Press page.

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