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We are all sluts…

Slut March

“Women should avoid dressing as sluts to avoid being victimised” was the advice the Police Constable Michale Sanguinetti gave to a group of students in Toronto.

The women were not impressed and 3000 of them promptly took to the streets for the first ever “Slut Walk” to demonstrate for their rights to wear what they want.

The underlying issue of course is that in our sexist society it is still the victim that gets the blame for rape and not the rapist. It is as if the “poor men” are like Pavlov’s dog – they see a mini skirt and can’t help themselves but just have got to rape the woman who wears it, as “she was asking for it”. The stance of feminism is clear: not only should the victims not be blamed but we should look more closely at what rape really is: Rape is not a forceful expression of sex but a sexual expression of violence. Rape is used to humiliate and hurt women, to shut them up, to put them in their place – beneath the men who do not want to accept that when a woman says “No” she means “No”. Men are used to getting their own way – always and at all costs. (more…)

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Desire Magazine

Desire Magazine cover
Cover shoot for issue 58 of Desire Magazine by Petra Joy, published 2007.


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