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Chop her down – do the latest male masturbators do just that?!

Oh, the joys of working in the adult industry. Every month I receive a new edition of some of the adult trade magazines. Usually most items featured in these mags amuse or mildly annoy me. But sometimes they feature some stuff that really disturbs me.

On the front cover of the current issue of the “Sign” magazine are various “Realistic ‘fuck me silly’ Masturbators” which are basically dismembered female body parts with holes in them made of silicone. (more…)

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Baby You Can’t Drive My Car!

saudi women drivers protest signSaudi Arabia does not issue driving licenses to women and if they already hold international licenses they are not accepted. Women are forced to hire drivers to take them to work or do the school run. The driver’s salary absorbs most of what their female clients earn. It has also been reported that often the drivers sexually harass the women they are driving. (more…)

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