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Keeping It Under Wraps

Condoms In Porn

The decision by the Los Angeles City Council last week to require performers to wear condoms in all adult films shot in the area has, unsurprisingly, caused quite a stir in the adult industry. From accusations of unnecessary and intrusive state intervention into a “private situation” to a lack of consultation with performers themselves, not to mention claims that the consumers themselves simply don’t want to see condoms in their porn, the decision has been widely panned from within the industry.

I am an independent porn producer. In my films all performers use condoms for penetrative sex unless they are in a committed relationship and have agreed to not use condoms with each other. My performers are tested for STD’s a couple of weeks before a shoot but because there is a small risk of infection that remains between the test results and shoot, I choose to be provide condoms for added safety. None of my performers to date would have wanted to have unprotected “bareback sex” on set. They all got an active sex life and presumed that as they protect themselves for other casual encounters, they would do so on set as well. (more…)

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