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Love your pussy!

I was shocked to learn that apparently in the last 10 years the number of women who had through the surgery on their vagina to minimise their labia (labiaplasty) has increased fivefold. Last year, 2000 women had the surgery done on the NHS. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there is no data available as to how many women had this surgery done privately.

Sarah Creighton, a clinical gynaecologist at the University College London Hospital, states that there is a massive increase in teenagers and young women who request this surgery even though they have perfectly normal and healthy vaginas. Creighton and clinical psychologist Lih-Mei Liao confirm that one of the reasons why so many women think their vagina is “not normal” is because there are hardly any images of normal vaginas published anywhere that women could look at for reassurance. (more…)

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Petra on 3nach9 TV Chat Show

On the 24th August, Petra will be appearing on German TV: “3nach9″ on RadioBremen at 22:30

The programme will feature an in-depth interview with Petra alongside other guests. More Info on the programme on the RadioBremen Website.

You should be able to watch the programme on the RadioBremen website the day after the screening for one week.

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Pussy Riot

I salute the courageous women who are Pussy Riot and all their supporters. Here’s to freedom of speech, uncensored art and gender equality!

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Bring on the Amazons!

Day four without the Olympics and I have to say I am on a bit of a comedown, suffering from massive withdrawal symptoms. I have never been someone who enjoys watching sporting events. But this year everything changed. I was glued to the TV watching live events as they unfolded and was mesmerised but the many super skilled, strong and confident women. I feel inspired. To watch women like Jessica Ennis win the heptathlon or Nicola Adams become the first-ever female Olympic boxing champion gave me a real high. (more…)

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My biggest Sex Organ

I am often asked what I mean when I say “my biggest sex organ is between my ears and not between my legs”. What I mean is that if my mind is turned on, my body will follow and will be more tuned into lust than if just my body had been stimulated. And for my mind to be turned on, I love it if I see something that allows me to fantasise. Less is more. I like filling in the gaps. (more…)

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Media Madness: The double-edged sword

HeadlinesRecently I have had a lot of media attention, particularly in Germany where my book came out a few weeks ago. I am happy about the opportunity to spread the message of porn from a female perspective but sometimes worry that the way these stories are presented can be counter-productive.

I am always asked by journalists what women want. My reply is that I cannot speak for all women as female sexuality is multi-faceted. Some like it soft, some like it hard; some want a storyline in porn, some not – so it is impossible to generalise. Yet when my interviews are published they are usually shortened and statements where I make clear that I do not want to generalise are deleted. This gives a distorted representation of what I think and is really frustrating. There is also a tendency to compose controversial headlines such as “Politically correct porn” (when my films are far from that as they feature a lot of taboos such as male bisexuality, pegging etc) or “From anti-porn activist to porn producer” (as if I had done a U-turn when in fact I have come full circle, am still against misogynist porn but choose to create alternatives, rather than just criticize mainstream porn). (more…)

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Being nude and free

Skinny-dippingThe sun has just come out and I have nipped to the garden to feel the warm rays all over my body. I love being nude especially in the sun and sea – it makes me feel free. It is such a shame that there are so few places where it is Ok to be nude. Having grown up in Germany, I was used to nude mixed gender saunas. It was a shock when I walked into an all female sauna in London for the first time in the nude and all the other women were dressed in bathing suits. I learnt that nudity was not optional but forbidden – even in an all female environment. (more…)

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Tages Anzeiger, July 2012

An in-depth interview with Petra discussing her films (in German).


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