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Jumping on the Banned-Wagon

You might have seen in the news recently that Iceland is considering a ban on certain types of online porn, while the European Parliament just took a vote on whether to ban all online porn across Europe (they voted against, thankfully!) You can watch a youtube debate about Iceland’s ban that I took part in a couple of weeks ago here:

Banning porn seems to be a hot topic at the moment, and of course this is a difficult issue. Most people who support the ban seem to do so for the right reasons – they are worried about the exploitation and objectification of women rather just rehashing old-fashioned morality about sex being obscene. Tanya Gold recently called for ‘fair porn’ (which I support) but wants to ban all other porn (which I am against). (more…)

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Playboy Brazil, March 2013


Article featuring Petra (Portuguese)

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Taste Of Joy nominated at Toronto Feminist Porn Awards

We are happy to announce that Petra’s latest film A Taste of Joy has just been nominated for an award at the Feminist Porn Awards, Toronto. Congratulations to the other nominees!

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“Joy Club” wins award!

We have just been informed that Petra’s film “Joy Club” from “A Taste of Joy” has won the “Bring it” award at this year’s tenth Cinekink festival in NYC. We are happy and proud! Thank you, Cinekink and thanks to the gorgeous performers and fab crew who shot this sexy scene with Petra.

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Icelandic Porn Ban – Truthloader debate with Petra

You can view the online debate on the proposed banning of porn in Iceland at the Truthloader page on YouTube. Petra participated in the debate alongside Jerry Barnett, Gail Dines, Jim Killock and Gary Wilson.

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