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Celebrate your E-spot!

“We are all part of, not separate from, nature. Thus all sex is ecosex!”

(Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens)

Earth Day has been and gone and many people were not even aware of it. We live on this amazing planet and take from it what we want, yet we do not protect, cherish or nurture it.

The longer I live, the more I love earth in all its breath-taking beauty, boundless variety, creative abundance and sensual richness. Time I spend in nature is time I feel most alive, happy and free. So I spend more and more time in woodlands, meadows and the sea. (more…)

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Room Service tops the charts

We are chuffed that the Dusk TV female viewing panel has just voted the short film Room Service from A Taste of Joy as the channel’s hottest film.

Petra says: “I make my erotic films for women, so if the audience votes my film as the hottest film it makes me, my performers and crew jump for joy!”

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Feminist Porn Award presentation

Thanks to Dusk TV for shooting and posting this video about Petra winning the feminist porn award of Hottest Vignette Film for A taste of Joy. How funny that the prize envelope was sticky!

Thanks again to the Feminist Porn Awards we wish we could have been there to receive the trophy. Can’t wait to get it in the post! (more…)

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Ethical Sluts

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about how hard she’s finding her relationship. Part of the problem is that they’ve been together for quite a long time and are monogamous. He’s not interested in negotiating any other kind of relationship and, frankly, she’s starting to go a bit crazy! Having spent years having a lot of fun and enjoying polyamorous relationships before she met him, she decided she wanted something with more of an emotional connection and committed to an exclusive relationship. At first she enjoyed the sexual and emotional exclusiveness but now she feels she cannot be truly herself in this relationship any longer. Even though she loves him, she has some sexual needs that she cannot live out with her partner. He does not want her to live out her kinkier desires with other lovers and she finds it impossible to repress those desires any longer. Until recently she has been ‘paying’ for the emotional security that the relationship offers with her freedom, having had to neglect parts of her sexual self in order to keep him happy and the relationship going. (more…)

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A Taste Of Joy wins at Feminist Porn Awards

We are pleased to announce that Petra’s film “A Taste of Joy” has won the award for the “Hottest Vignette Film” at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto.

Petra says: “It feels wonderful for me, my crew and my performers to be recognized with this award. The trophy will get a special place in my office to remind me of the sexy sisterhood for whom I do my films!”

We would like to thank the hard-working organisers of this important award and congratulate all other winners!

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