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Mile-high moron

Richard Branson’s Virgin has hit a new low by releasing a seat-to-seat delivery system as part of their ‘in-flight entertainment’ system. You can now officially haress on other passengers and send unwanted advances and creepy messages from the comfort of your own seat! Doesn’t that sound like everyone’s dream flight?

In a cringe-worthy video from Virgin that seems like it must have been written by a failed trash fiction writer, Branson claims that your chances of pulling using his in-flight ‘flirting’ system are about 50/50. Branson’s projected ‘success rate’ is going to fuel the hideous idea that somehow men are ‘owed’ attention or sex from women for spending time or money on them. He’s suggesting that if you ‘invest’ in buying his crappy airline food for some unsuspecting woman, you can calculate the risk but expect a repayment.

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Petra on Tristan Taormino’s radio show “Sexoutloud”

This Friday (26th July), Petra will be a guest on Tristan Taormino’s sexy radio show Sexoutloud. Tristan and Petra discuss a wide range of subjects including taboos in mainstream porn, the rise of alternative porn and the female perspective in feminist porn.

Tristan is no stranger to Petra’s work, having featured on some of the Her Porn compilations herself, so it promises to be an informed and fascinating discussion between two feminist porn directors.

You can find out more about it here.

Listen to the show live or if you miss the airing date get the mp3 file.

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Petra in MoviePilot

You can read Petra’s latest (German) interview with an online movie magazine Moviepilot here: MoviePilot.

Petra enjoyed chatting to Sophie Charlotte Rieger about porn, feminism and the portrayal of (female) sexuality in the mainstream media.

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