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Petra on BBC’s “Men’s Hour”

Petra was recently interviewed by the BBC on the subject of ethical porn. This will be broadcast as part of this Sunday’s “Men’s Hour” on Radio 5 at 21:00, and will be available on iPlayer soon after.

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The Sussex Silicone Show

Listening to Splash FM in the car the other day I came across an advert for ‘The Sussex Woman Show’ at Brighton Racecourse. The ad was so upbeat and fun: “A perfect girls’ day out, hosting stalls with everything a savvy modern woman could need or want. A great opportunity to bring your mother, daughter, sister or friend for a day out and have a giggle!”

And then came the little bit at the end from the sponsor, Mcindoe Surgical with the tagline “For the life you want to live!”.

You guessed right, it is a plastic surgery company McIndoe Surgical that is sponsoring the “perfect girls day out”! So that lovely feel-good fun-for-all-the-family day out they were advertising to an empowering sound track of ‘Here Come the Girls’ was actually flogging fake tits, trout pouts and designer vaginas.


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The Great Firewall of China

It’s been all over the papers that David Cameron wants to pass a law ensuring that porn has to be blocked by internet providers unless the individual deliberately unblocks it and opts in to viewing porn. I’ve spoken extensively about censorship in the past: I just don’t believe it’s the right way forward. It’s a dangerous and slippery slope, particularly under the frequently abused guise of ‘protecting children’. By letting the government meddle in our personal lives and pass a value judgement on everything “pornographic”, we leave ourselves open to all forms of censorship. The internet is a very new medium and one that currently operates almost entirely without censorship in Britain. Ironically and worryingly, Cameron is planning to use the same system that China uses to block sites that are unauthorised by the state, which should be setting off alarms bells for anybody with even slightly liberal inclinations.

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Room Service nominated for Porna Award

Petra’s film Room Service (from A Taste Of Joy) has been nominated for an award by the Dusk panel. Room Service continues to be rated highly in the Dusk charts. Other nominees are Candida Royalle, Jennifer Lyon Bell and many other female porn directors. The Porna award will go to the erotic film that is most popular with the Dusk panel. The award will be given to the winner on the 7th September in Amsterdam.

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