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Happy Christmas!

Petra and friends wish all of you lovely people a wonderful Christmas and a happy, sexy and exciting new year!

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Here (s)he comes…

This is my first blog post in a while, and for a good reason! I have been busy, busy, busy, working on my new film. It’s been crazy – casting, organising, planning, location hunting and shopping for outfits and props for months before the filming even got underway. I often get asked why I don’t bring films out more often, and I think this sums it up: I am one woman and do pretty much everything myself. From buying props to booking a performers flights, and then shooting, directing and editing – I am personally involved every step of the way. I am a perfectionist and take my time to make every one of my films as authentic, creative, exciting and unique as I can.

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“Female Fantasies” inspires a song for Petra

I am soooo happy that recently more and more lovely people have been contacting me about my films – sending over inspirational thoughts and ideas.

I create my films for my audience and love and cherish every bit of feedback. It is so much more satisfying than sending something off into the void and never hearing back… There is a wonderful network growing all around the world connecting like-minded, creative people who are all interested in alternative porn from a female perspective.

The highlight was when I received a song that was made for me by an amazing Brazilian Duo. The song was inspired by my beloved classic film “Female Fantasies”. This is a great song – I love the passionate feel of it and the harmonies. Thank you Bardoefoeda Lovebox – this has made my day and I hope to be working with you in the future on some music for my new film (S)he Comes!

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