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The Real Thing

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about authenticity in porn, at the Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto, in the papers and online. What is authentic? Is it important to show authentic sex? Is it possible? Is it relevant or ridiculous to strive to show “authentic” sex and orgasms?

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Petra on the BBC today

You can catch Petra not once but twice on the BBC today! First up is Newsbeat on Radio One, where Petra discusses sex, feminism and pornography. This will be broadcast at 12:45 pm and then again at 5:45 pm. There’s also an online profile of Petra accompanying this piece on the BBC website:

Next up is the prime time TV programme Free Speech on BBC3 at 8:00 pm, in which several clips of Petra’s work will be used to accompany a debate on ‘ethical’ porn and what we could gain from watching porn.

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