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What is the Pornfilmfestival Berlin, and why should you get excited?

From the 21st to the 25th of October, porn producers, performers and fans will be gathering in Berlin for the 10th annual porn film festival – and Petra will be there to show some of her latest erotic films!

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The sexy little details that make or break a porn film…

When I visited the set of Petra’s latest shoot (the hot genderfuck scene that has been selected to premiere at the Berlin Pornfilmfest in October – check out the report from the day if you haven’t already! One of the things that struck me was her attention to the sexy little details.

During the pre-sex shots, when Petra was building atmosphere and showing the chemistry between the two characters, she paid a lot of attention to things I would otherwise have missed. For instance, a shot of Bishop Black getting ready, with creamy white pearls rippling down his gorgeous dark skin – there were a few retakes of this moment to get the detail exactly right. I wondered why Petra shot so many retakes of this shot and she explained: “This is not just a shot of someone putting on a pearl necklace but a super close up shot showing Bishop’s skin being caressed by the pearls rippling across his collarbone at just the right speed and shape to make it a sensual shot that builds anticipation for my audience. These kind of non explicit yet highly erotic shots have become a hallmark of my films that like to appeal to that big sex organ between our ears…

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Why I will miss Candida Royalle, the queen of feminist porn

Candida Royalle, ex-porn star, legendary feminist porn director and animal rights activist dies aged 64 after long battle with ovarian cancer in New York.

The 7th of September 2015 was a very sad day for many women, feminists and erotic artists around the world. As the news spread that Candida Royalle died at her New York home, her Facebook page has been transformed into a colourful kaleidoscope of an amazing life. Every few minutes someone new leaves a tribute for this truly exceptional woman that paved the way for porn from a female perspective and opened doors to the many feminist pornographers – myself included – that followed in her footsteps. All the pictures posted show a radiant woman with a smile that said “I love live, will live it to the full, let’s go and have an adventure!”

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Period sex: who’s afraid of the big red wolf?

Over fifty per cent of the human race menstruate. Women, as well as many non-binary and trans people experience it once each month from adolescense to menopause. That’s a lot of periods, and a lot of time for us all to get accustomed to it – so why is menstruation still taboo?

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The most vital ingredient for truly good porn? Consent.

Sex is far more than just something we do with our bodies. In porn, as in real life, the best sex is built on a foundation of consent – the mind chooses to say “Yes” and the body follows…

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Male lingerie – where can you buy it, and why is it so damn hot?

If you’ve seen the pictures, you might be wondering where Petra got the fantastic pearl and lace thong worn by her male performer Bishop Black in her latest shoot. Wonder no more…

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Top ten tips from the naked pornographer: how to make great alternative porn

I have been an independent filmmaker all my working life and have produced and directed erotic films over a decade now. Looking back, I feel that I have a wealth of experiences – most of them good, some bad – but all worthwhile as they taught me lessons and made me the person and filmmaker I am today.

I think it is wonderful that more and more (female) independent erotic film directors are emerging all the time, adding their voice and visions to the multi-faceted genre that porn is evolving into right now.

Maybe some of you would find it useful if I shared with you my top ten tips on how I produce my films and found my way as an independent director.

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Magic Mike XXL – should there be so much controversy about male strippers?

The film Magic Mike XXL has been released, and is already getting film critics hot and bothered. It’s a sequel to the first Magic Mike film, following a group of male strippers as they head towards their final blow-out show. It’s always fascinating to see male stripping in the mainstream media, because it sparks a huge amount of debate.

Of course, it’s still Hollywood, so disappointingly there’s no male full-frontal nudity. In a film about male strippers, would it really have hurt to show us one of their cocks? Petra pointed out that, when films and TV shows are so keen to show female nudity, it highlights the inequality:

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Here’s why we need to see more condoms in porn

There are many ways in which safer sex can be really arousing. You might not have heard many people say that, but here’s why you should…

I remember being surprised the first time I saw a condom in a porn film, because the condom magically appeared halfway through the scene. One minute a woman was giving the guy a blow-job, and the next – hey presto! – you got a sneak peek of the condom as they had sex, although the angles showed that the producer was trying to hide it.

I think the visual effect can be one of the sexiest things about condom use. A guy I fancy, rolling a condom slowly and deliberately down his cock, with a look in his eyes that says ‘I’m so hot for you right now’? Yes please. And yet there are many porn directors and performers who’ll go to extreme lengths to try and avoid showing condom use – or any other safer sex measures for that matter.

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“There’s a penis on the stairs…” Behind the scenes: one day on a not-so-typical porn set

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being behind the scenes on a porn set? Well, join Girl on the Net as she visits the shoot of Petra’s latest queer genderfuck porn scene. But Petra doesn’t do things like many other porn directors: this is a porn set like no other…

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