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What Protein World doesn’t understand about their ‘beach body ready’ ads

Beach Body adLet’s be honest: women’s bodies are subject to a hell of a lot of scrutiny. From what we’re wearing (Short skirt? Make up? Type of underwear?) to our physical appearance itself (Colour, shape, size, body hair – you name it).

If you’re a woman, you know this already.

If you’re a now-infamous brand of protein and weight loss supplements, you clearly don’t.

You’ll probably have seen the Protein World posters, and the backlash against them, in the news. A few weeks ago bright yellow adverts appeared on the London Underground – a slim, toned model staring sultrily at the camera, and in huge lettering the question: “Are you beach body ready?” The image was pretty stark, and the implication caused outrage. Why, in order to be ‘ready’ for the beach, must women dedicate themselves to making sure that their bodies match that of the model?

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We talked about sex… Impressions from the Ladybeard Magazine fundraiser panel

Ladybeard billboardI am on the train heading back from the Ladybeard launch in London last night and am still buzzing. Can’t wipe the smile off my face.

I had a bit of a nightmare journey heading up to London from the south coast in a 4 hour odyssey but all was quickly forgotten and is was so worth it as the night turned out to be one of the best events I have ever attended.

Ladybeard is a new magazine and their first issue is dedicated to “sexuality”. The launch was a fundraiser to get this fab magazine printed. There was a panel featuring some of the magazine’s first issue interviewees, discussing myths and taboos surrounding sex.

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We need to see more male masturbation in porn

Let’s talk about male masturbation in porn. Partly because it’s something I utterly adore, and secondly – perhaps because I adore it so much – I notice the drastic lack of it.

While there are plenty of straight porn films which feature women masturbating – whether with a partner or on their own – there are far fewer films which really celebrate the beauty of guys jerking off, and package and present that to straight women.

It’s not impossible to find videos of men masturbating, of course. There’s gay porn, for a start. But in mainstream straight porn, male masturbation is incredibly rare. If I want to find a video that gives me a long, hot look at a guy masturbating, usually it’s one of those homemade porn videos where he props the camera on a stand so you can watch the action. Understandably, given that most of these guys aren’t porn stars, the action is limited to a close-cropped, often low-quality shot of them jerking off. I love this type when I’m in the mood, but it’s missing something really significant: the face.

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Why the Feminist Porn Awards are more important than ever ten years on.

The nominations are out for the 2015 Feminist Porn Awards – a great opportunity to celebrate fantastic porn performers and producers, as well as have a broader discussion around feminist porn. Of course it’s also fantastic to see Petra’s pleasure-focused porn film (S)he Comes in the running for an award too.

When Petra approached me and asked me to write for her site, I leapt at the chance. We’d been following each other on Twitter for a while, and connected because of a mutual passion for amazing porn, and a frustration with the ‘porn is bad for you’ narrative. Both Petra and I believe that the solution to mainstream porn that’s formulaic and lacking in diversity is not to censor porn, but to show people that there’s a much better alternative out there!

While I’ve always been a fan of well-made porn, it’s only since I started sex blogging that I’ve become more engaged and involved with erotic film-makers, and passionate about what feminist porn can do. Not just in terms of enhancing and catering to women’s fantasies, but in showing everyone that sexuality doesn’t have to be limited to the narrow, mainstream idea of what porn currently is.

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