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Male lingerie – where can you buy it, and why is it so damn hot?

If you’ve seen the pictures, you might be wondering where Petra got the fantastic pearl and lace thong worn by her male performer Bishop Black in her latest shoot. Wonder no more…

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Top ten tips from the naked pornographer: how to make great alternative porn

I have been an independent filmmaker all my working life and have produced and directed erotic films over a decade now. Looking back, I feel that I have a wealth of experiences – most of them good, some bad – but all worthwhile as they taught me lessons and made me the person and filmmaker I am today.

I think it is wonderful that more and more (female) independent erotic film directors are emerging all the time, adding their voice and visions to the multi-faceted genre that porn is evolving into right now.

Maybe some of you would find it useful if I shared with you my top ten tips on how I produce my films and found my way as an independent director.

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Magic Mike XXL – should there be so much controversy about male strippers?

The film Magic Mike XXL has been released, and is already getting film critics hot and bothered. It’s a sequel to the first Magic Mike film, following a group of male strippers as they head towards their final blow-out show. It’s always fascinating to see male stripping in the mainstream media, because it sparks a huge amount of debate.

Of course, it’s still Hollywood, so disappointingly there’s no male full-frontal nudity. In a film about male strippers, would it really have hurt to show us one of their cocks? Petra pointed out that, when films and TV shows are so keen to show female nudity, it highlights the inequality:

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Here’s why we need to see more condoms in porn

There are many ways in which safer sex can be really arousing. You might not have heard many people say that, but here’s why you should…

I remember being surprised the first time I saw a condom in a porn film, because the condom magically appeared halfway through the scene. One minute a woman was giving the guy a blow-job, and the next – hey presto! – you got a sneak peek of the condom as they had sex, although the angles showed that the producer was trying to hide it.

I think the visual effect can be one of the sexiest things about condom use. A guy I fancy, rolling a condom slowly and deliberately down his cock, with a look in his eyes that says ‘I’m so hot for you right now’? Yes please. And yet there are many porn directors and performers who’ll go to extreme lengths to try and avoid showing condom use – or any other safer sex measures for that matter.

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