A fantastic Xmas and a sensual, exciting and magical 2008 !

Petra and Mia

For the first time in three months I feel that I am not moving at 200 m.p.h. anymore. It has been really nice to be based home rather than in a hotel room and take the time to log all the great footage we produced over the last year for the final edits of the new film in February. I have been logging but I have been living too. Enjoying the simple things like sitting in my hot tub in the morning looking out on a frosty lawn, cooking nice soups and roasts from scratch and crafting some scrap books as creative Christmas presents.

I love Christmas, a time of year when everything slows down. Hibernating even if it is just for a few days, spending time with my boyfriend without an endless steam of emails and calls coming in and looking ahead to the new year. Full of hope and joy.

I can’t wait for the new film to come out in February – the results of many months of hard work. Of course I hope that the film will be a success and I might be able to produce another film in the new year. But as this has been such a hard and in many ways sad year with and some friends facing serious illnesses, and two people close to me dying, what I want more than anything is that in 2008 all of my family and friends will be healthy and well. And I wish that for you too. Health and happiness, sensual magic and joy far greater than you can imagine !

Thank you for supporting me and us. It is really appreciated.

With love
Petra X

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