A night to remember

Emilia, Petra and Violetta

I was not even sure if I was going to go to the screening of two of my short films at the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival at the BFI in London but I am so glad that I did. During the last few weeks life has been tough due to a relationship crisis and distribution problems of my latest film. I found it hard to motivate myself to go out to network and party, be strong and be positive.

But I did it and had one of the best nights of my life. Violetta had a bad cold but decided to come anyway to see herself on the big screen in the UK for the first time and no doubt meet other sexy women. We met at Victoria train station in the Ladies’ loos where we got changed. We started to feel the buzz as the taxi took us past Big Ben and the London Eye to the BFI. It’s London, a film festival and we are here!!! All the shows of the first evening of the festival, including the slot “female fantasies” that showed among others our short films “Sailor’s Bride” and “Cruising” were sold out. The foyer was buzzing with people and there was excitement in the air. We met up with the wonderful Emilia Ren (who has been in two of my films) who we see far too little of. The mum of one little boy (to be one year soon) is busy studying for her exam to become a fully qualified herbalist. But tonight none of this mattered. Violetta’s cold, my money worries, Emilia’s exam stress all faded into the background as we were lead to our table where the BFI laid on a posh dinner for us. The programmer of the event Kyle Stepahn and Dominic Buchanan treated Violetta, Emilia and I like queens. Needless to say we lapped it up like cats would cream.

We were treated to a few bottles of champagne and felt Very Important People indeed. What a thrill to be wined and dined and have been chosen to exhibit our films at such a prestigious event. We all could not stop smiling and lets be honest knocking back the champagne. I don’t drink much but was really nervous and the champagne helped to settle my nerves.

Petra Joy and friends at the BFI

After dinner we met up with another sister of our erotic film family – Valkyrie who stars in “Feeling it!”, she joined us as we were taken to the green room (it was NOT green but mirrored all around which would be fabulous to shoot in I could not help but notice) but there was not much time to enjoy more drinks as we were ushered into the sold out cinema and introduced to the audience.

We talked about our philosophy, hopes and dreams on stage and were joined by Florence Fradelizi and her lover Catherine Corringer who both make hot Lesbian films together.

The whole slot of “Female Fantasies” was an exciting selection of shorts featuring completely different female desires and dreams: The “girls who like porn workshop” from Barcelona showed a scene between two women shot in an almost empty room under bright lights. There was no atmospheric lighting and no set as such – just a small stage on which the girls who were totally into each other tore each others clothes off. They were definitely feeling and not faking it and because no styling had gone into the set, it really came across that the chemistry between the performers is the most important factor in making exciting porn. I was also impressed by Florence Fradelizis short film. Florence shows her fucking her girlfriend with a strap on in a toilet – so it is not just me who has fantasies about cruising in public places ,). My short film “Cruising” (excerpt from “Female Fantasies”) that was shown features also a woman with a strap-on in a public male toilet but she has three guys at her whim rather than a girl or few. The lesbians in the audience were shuffling in their seats as it took a while until my main female performer enters the scene and of course they did not get turned on by watching three gay men make out. Hats off to Kyle Stephan who selected my film to be shown as it is not “lesbian” but very queer indeed. It is great that it is shown to offer the audience a choice of gender fluid erotica.

Girls night out

From an artistic point of view I also liked Catherine Corringers “This is the girl” – a scene that involves boxing gloves, a head dildo and female ejaculation . It is beautifully shot, intimate and intense. I can’t help to think what a great DVD the short selection would make to represent a huge variety of female sexual desires and techniques. I wish I had distribution power and publish such a joint effort DVD – it would be truly unique and an eye opener to so many people.

When “Sailor’s Bride” (excerpt from “Feeling it!”) was shown it was particularly exciting for Emilia as she had never ever seen the rushes or edited version of this film because she wanted to save the moment for the big screen. She loved it and the audience loved it too even though compared to what else was on show my “Sailor’s Bride” is very “femme and vanilla”.

After the screening Valkyrie’s friend whisked us away in his black Porsche to Valkyrie’s gorgeous flat where we drank champagne and talked until 4 in the morning about porn, female desires and relationships.

It was a great night that I will always remember. I want to take this opportunity to thank the LGFF for having us, and my girls for coming along to this much longed-for celebration of our hard work. Here’s to many more nights like this to come in the future…

There are lots of more exciting screenings and events happening at the BFI. They will also show one of my porn parodies “Girls and Vegetables” on the 2nd of April at 23.00 in cinema number two, after “In search of the wild kingdom”… check out the whole programme: www.bfi.org.uk

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