A taste of Vienna

Petra Joy on the Vienna Panel

I have just returned from Vienna where I took part in a panel discussion on “Porn for women”. I was not sure how this would go down in Vienna – as it has the reputation of being rather conservative. But the event took off in a sold-out rather posh night club. In fact there was so much last minute demand for tickets that the organiser said: “…next time I rent the town hall!”

Before the panel discussion they beamed one of my trailers onto a massive screen and even though I have seen my films a million times, it still gives me a kick to show them to a new audience who have no idea what to expect. The reactions were positive – lots of surprised but also smiling and happy faces and applause.

The other panellists were Laura Meritt from Sexklusivitaeten in Berlin, the sexy comedienne Barbara Bellini, Dr. Georg Pfau, plus Judit Rabenstein who runs an upmarket sex shop in Vienna called Magnolias and who initiated the event.

I enjoyed that fact that Dr. Pfau confirmed my theory that women like guy candy and to watch men make out. He agreed that for straight women men are the main object of desire and to watch two, three or more of them interact is one of the key fantasies – just like for straight men who like to watch women play with each other… a fact that mainstream porn by and for men has always catered for.

Laura made a point mentioning that watching alternative porn can open the doors beyond our sometimes limited perception of who we are and what we like, to show us new sexual orientation and techniques that we might not normally allow ourselves to see or be.

Ms Bellini questioned me to find out if I show male prostate stimulation and was relieved that I do and now wants to show some clippings of my films during her stand up performances.

Judit explained that the demand for erotic films that a couple can view together or that turn women on is growing all the time.

So we all agreed that we had a lot of catching up to do and are curious of more films showing us erotica from a female perspective. Sadly there was no time for questions by the audience afterwards but I had a good chat with a couple afterwards who said they do not like films without a story and dialogue but hate the bad acting in porn and the fact that in films that feature great acting the sex is always soft. I recommended that they make their one little film – dress up, play roles and be surprised to see their faces in ecstasy on screen – possibly for the first time. It can be empowering to be the architect and object of your own desires captured on film.

I left Vienna on a high – based on the feeling that we have truly arrived. Porn for women is being produced, viewed and discussed all over the world now. The genre is here to stay. And so are women who express themselves and live out their fantasies. Sisters are doing it!


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