Always read the manual

My boyfriend always insists to read the manual before you use a new electrical appliance. I am way too impatient to do that. I learn gadgets by trial and error. My approach might take longer but is not as boring as working your way through instructions that were clumsily translated from Japanese.

A few nights ago I had a play date with myself. I love to do these. Test drive some new toys in the privacy of my sumptuous red boudoir. I played with the small pink “Little Dolly” from Fun Factory. I bought it originally because I though it was the perfect travelling vibrator. Lightweight, silent and with its own striped aluminium case. I played with the speed dial bumping the speed up, up a little more until it felt MMMM really good. Then I pushed one more time and for a slip second it seemed to have stopped and I was gutted assuming the battery had run out just at this decisive moment. But then it started again: pulsing. On. Off. On. Off. And at first I was not sure if I liked it but then it gave me one of my best toygasms ever.

If I had read the manual I would have found out about this function ages ago but then again I love surprises.


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