Autumn Goddess

V in the park

Our last day in Berlin was jam packed – I was hoping to go to the sauna and take in some touristy sights of Berlin but there was no time. Violetta, Mia and I were interviewed for RTL-Plus where a feature on porn for women will be shown in the programme EXTRA on the 5th November. Whilst we were being filmed having a walk in the park Violetta and I decided spontaneously to do a quickie photo shoot. It was a golden autumn day and the falling leaves were the best outfit for Violetta. She took her kit off and danced in the leaves, and in only ten minutes we managed to get some amazing shots. The TV crew were more baffled than the park walkers! I don’t know why nudity is still such a big issue. Nudity in nature just feels natural and right. Being free and real barefoot on the ground the body being warmed from the sun… I love documenting magic moments like this.


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