Because you’re worth it

Sailor Girls

On my way back from London, feeling high as a kite – no chemicals needed! The edit went really well. We worked on Cicciolino’s solo scene which is so intimate and hot ending with a close up of his face when he comes. The sailor girl scene is also absolutely beautiful – the girls completely lost into each other, surrendering to pleasure. It was such a laugh to edit the new spoof scene: two girls, a carrot, a corn-on-the-cob and a cucumber – say no more!

During the lunch break today I whizzed off to Screenface, a professional make-up shop to buy a professional concealer palette which can create hundreds of skin tones. I hate spotty bum shots and don’t understand why many porn producers don’t seem to be bothered about concealing them. I love bums (epscially male ones) and think they are one of the sexiest, hottest body parts and should be shown off and played with a lot more.

While there, I bought some metallic body paint as well for an abstract scene I would like to shoot – and ended up spending over a hundred pounds. All in all this weekend editing, travelling up to London and buying props and make up has cost me a lot of money. But if it helps create my new erotic film that is unique in many ways, it will be worth it.


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