Behind the scenes

Maria Beatty

“Action!” Maria shouts and an eleven-strong team of crew and performers click into gear. I watch in awe how Maria Beatty keeps calm, patient and in control on the set of her latest film “Bandaged”. She is on a tight 12 day schedule, shooting her ambitious feature in Potsdam near Berlin. In the last decade Maria has directed and produced over 20 artistic lesbian fetish films. This is her second feature film – her attempt to bring an artistic presentation of lesbian sexuality onto the big screen. She plans to submit her feature to the “Berlinale” and I wish her luck. She is such an accomplished filmmaker and deserves to be seen by a big audience.

It is great to see the boundaries between porn and art to blur more and more. “Districted”, “Nine Songs” and “Shortbus” were all films that featured explicit sex but because the BBFC classified them as “art” rather than “pornography” they became accessible to the huge audience that an indie film labelled “hard-core porn” could never reach. When a film is awarded an 18 rather than R18, (restricted and therefore only available in licensed sex shops) classification, doors and minds open.

I was filming Maria on set for my documentary “Women on Top” and really appreciate to be allowed onto such an intimate set on day two of the production. Being a true independent, Maria is fiercely protective of her content and style. To me this is the guarantee that this film will be amazing – no compromises to fit the mainstream. Her vision of a Lesbian liaison developing inside a hospital is a unique take on the nurse-patient theme. I wish with all my heart that the film will also become a commercial success because as all independent filmmakers know: you can’t eat awards.

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