Bi Diamonds

The Kiss

First of all: happy new year to everyone! I have been busy catching up with boring bits as admin and accounting. What cheered me up today was receiving some inspirational “fan mail”. J. and M. wrote to me:

Hi Petra,

Just to say that we really loved your recent DVD…. We are a bi and kinky couple and sadly we find so many sexy videos lacking in realism and they do little for us. But we loved yours a lot – it hit many inner chords. We think it is rare to find a work that is equivocal in its approach to bi men and women: thanks so much for that (means a lot, especially for J.)

At least it acknowledged that well known, but oft publicly denied, fact that most women love seeing men play….and we both loved the sensual shared kissing you show all round: that is something we have always really loved doing with people of either sex – before, during and after!

Guess ‘Fantasies’ will be essential viewing from now on for any shared evenings we have… :) Hope you follow the bisexual route in your future works,

Love from us to you

J. and M. xx

It was so nice to receive a letter like this. To be appreciated for creating porn that is radically different, exploring what is taboo in mainstream porn: sensuality, intimacy; men as objects of female desire and male bisexuality. I would love to feature more male bisexuality my only problem is to find the men who are comfortable being filmed living out their bisexual side. Somehow there is still a huge stigma attached to men being bi. A lot of bi guys told me that they would never want to be captured on film being bi as then they would be tagged as “gay”. It is frustrating. Gorgeous bi men who would enjoy being filmed are like diamonds. If you know of any or are one yourself, please get in touch!

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