Blue Film for the Silver Screen

Tuppy Owens

Today I met up with Tuppy Owens, the UK’s most accomplished pro sex writer and activist and organiser of the Erotic Awards ( It was great to see Tuppy again – she is always so full of idealism and networking ideas. We met the manager of the Duke of York cinema in Brighton. Tuppy has had a dream for many years to put on an erotic film festival in a UK cinema. What better place than Brighton?

Tuppy would like to show some erotic film classics such as “Behind the Green Door” as well as films that have been classified as R18 porn and is therefore not accessible to may people who might like to see them. Similar to the Berlin Porn Film Festival, Tuppy would like unique and interesting porn films to reclaim the big screen and be presented as art rather than smut. I really hope it will happen. Berlin was amazing last year – four packed cinemas with a buzzing vibe – a celebration of the erotic moving image. I can’t wait for this years event from the 24th of October. And who knows, maybe next Spring porn will grace the Duke of York’s screen too.


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