Candida Royalle releases Petra’s film “Female Fantasies” in the USA

Internationally celebrated filmmaker Candida Royalle continues to support the work of Petra Joy by releasing and distributing Petra’s film ‘Female Fantasies’ in the USA and Canada.

Candida says: “We received such enthusiastic response to ‘Feeling It’ (the first Petra Joy feature released by Femme Productions), I couldn’t wait to release another one of her movies! This film is a visually stunning tableau of sensually-shot scenes. If you’re still wondering, ‘what do women want?’ – have a look: ‘Female Fantasies’ brings you a glimpse in to the inner workings of the erotic female mind!”

Petra admires Ms. Royalle as a true pioneer for female-focused erotica and is delighted about Candida’s continuing support. Petra and Candida hope that ‘Female Fantasies’ will inspire many American and Canadian viewers to make their fantasies come true!

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