Casting Starts!

Today I did a casting for the new film. It is always exciting to meet a performer for the first time and gauge whether they will fit into the team and stay true to my concept of “feeling it not faking it”. I am especially critical of men who often want to be porn stars simply to feed their already over-inflated egos. There is no room for a mindless pumping stallion in my films.

I met “Georgio”, an Italian chef who lives here in the UK. He found me via word of mouth which is how I find most of my performers. As we sat down for a drink in the evening sun my first impressions are good: He is handsome in a rugged sort of way, polite and a bit shy rather than bragging about the size of his cock or sexual exploits. Delving into his sexual preferences also sounds promising: he likes giving head and does not object having his “secret garden” (bum) stimulated – a huge taboo for the average straight guy.

If all goes well, he will be part of the team and we will shoot scenes that will reflect a bit of what he is about – boxing, salsa dancing and cooking… as a framework for passionate sex. But as I know from my last production working with part-time performers, things might change in his life and he might change his mind… Lets hope he doesn’t and the girls will like him. So fingers crossed.

PS: No I have not seen his dick yet or made him masturbate as part of the casting!


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