Celebrate your E-spot!

“We are all part of, not separate from, nature. Thus all sex is ecosex!”

(Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth M. Stephens)

Earth Day has been and gone and many people were not even aware of it. We live on this amazing planet and take from it what we want, yet we do not protect, cherish or nurture it.

The longer I live, the more I love earth in all its breath-taking beauty, boundless variety, creative abundance and sensual richness. Time I spend in nature is time I feel most alive, happy and free. So I spend more and more time in woodlands, meadows and the sea.

I do what I can to celebrate and protect the planet and am happy to see that there is an exciting sexual movement that is gaining more and more momentum: It’s called Ecosex, and it is fronted by the brilliant feminist sexual activists Annie Sprinkle and her wife Elizabeth M. Stephens. Annie is a good friend of mine and is on a similar journey to me. She has had an amazing career of self discovery, sexual exploration and creative expression. She is an artist, sexologist and activist who has been promoting free sexual and feminism all her life. A while back she has begun to discover, embrace and live eco-sexuality, declaring along with an ever -growing global community of eco-sexuals in their Ecosex Manifesto:

“The earth is our lover. We make love with the earth through our senses. We are skinny dippers, sun worshippers and stargazers. We are very dirty. We celebrate our E-spots! We treat the earth with kindness, love and affection…”

I think this idea is beautiful and it really resonates with me.

I’ve always thought that it can’t be a coincidence that so many people involved with sexual liberation and feminism are also passionate about environmentalism and animal rights: it shows a deep, humanitarian way of engaging with the world, the ability to think and love freely, as well as the desire to engage with, support and protect everyone and everything around us. We all are one and connected in many ways.

After all, what good are our human rights if we don’t care about the rights of other creatures? And what good are our freedoms if we allow our precious planet to be polluted, exploited and abused until one day it will be completely wrecked? All natural resources are running frighteningly low and time is running out.

That’s why I love Annie’s idea of re-connecting emotionally and sensually with the world around us. Sexuality can be a deep and spiritual experience, and I think uniting ourselves with the earth and with nature while we explore is an exciting and relevant idea. We can also use our sexuality to protest against the abuse of planet earth and promote its protection. If these ideas appeal to you too then you’re in luck, because the first International Ecosex Symposium is this year, and will be in the UK, France and Spain (Germany to be confirmed). It looks like there’s going to be an amazing line up of workshops, talks and fun, earthy activities. You can have a look at the programme and complete Ecosex Manifesto here. I love how inclusive, creative and fun it looks. And knowing Annie and Beth I am certain that the event will be inspirational and deeply enriching for all involved.

If you can’t wait for this summer’s events, would like to help saving pockets of nature and are daring enough to have sex on camera, you might want to contribute your video to Fuck For Forest. Fuck For Forest is an erotic, non-profit ecological organization that gives its members access to erotic photos and videos for donations that will be spent on projects protecting nature. Any film Fuck For Forest shoots or publishes is based on authentic erotic adventures of its supporters living out their sexuality freely in nature and for nature. The founders say:

“Sex is often shown to attract us to buy all kind of bullshit products and ideas, so why not for a good cause? Saving the planet IS sexy! Why not get horny for a good cause? It makes it easier for you and me to stay positive in an already too suppressed world. Now porn is healing! So let’s all get horny by nature, and give some LOVE back to our planet.”

You can support Fuck For Forest by donating money, becoming members and donating photos and videos. The group has recently been featured in a documentary that did not approve of the founders and members unconventional approach to political protest, porn production and fund raising. I have nothing but respect for the filmmakers and performers who have the guts to put their sex where their mouth is so to speak. Their porn films are sexy, subversive and politically provocative – check them out!

There are many ways to love the planet and discover your e-spots! As Annie and Beth say:

“Viva La Ecosex Revolution! Join us.”