“Cripples” at Christmas

Mat Fraser

There is a very cool guy who I admire: Mat Fraser, an actor and presenter and the compere of the annual “Night of The Senses”. He is bright and funny and sexy and promotes tirelessly equal (sexual) rights for people with disabilities that he calls provocatively “cripples”. Mat’s physical development has been affected by Thalidomide. Hats off to Mat for portraying disabled people not as victims or charity cases but people with (sexual) needs and desires as anybody else. The adult industry can unfortunately be ageist, racist and discriminating disabled people.

Mat makes sure his voice is heard in the UK erotic and fetish scene as well as in the mainstream media. He co-hosts the BBC website and podcast for disabled people, called “Ouch!”.

He has recorded a song for “cripples at Christmas” which is available as a free download. The lyrics are sharp and witty:

“But think of the normal ones
For they live amongst us, yeah.
Let’s give them our charity at this time
Mustn’t stare, show we care …”

Matt needs downloads to prove his point that this should not be anymore a taboo subject and his recordings should be played on radio. This is where you can download it:


More info on Mat: http://www.matfraser.co.uk


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