“Don’t need your silicon, I prefer my own…” (India Arie)

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I have been saddened by the recent news of women dying due to botched plastic surgery.

20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi from the UK died in the States after (illegally performed) silicone injections into her buttocks. The surgery was performed by non-licensed practitioners in an ordinary (non- sterile) hotel room. Claudia died 24 hours later because the silicone that was meant to increase her butt actually got into her bloodstream and shut down her respiratory system.

Only six months before Claudia’s death the 22 year old Mayra Lissette Contreras also died in the States of an illegal injection of silicone into the buttocks. New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Kane told CBS news at the time:

“Stories like this are all too common. Every year someone dies in this country from illegal silicone injections. These buttock injections are usually done by unlicensed people, because I don’t know any licensed professional who would inject large amounts of silicone into the body.”

But the problem is that even if women book a fully licensed doctor for their surgeries a risk remains: they might lose their life.

Carolin Berger – a German adult performer better known as “Sexy Cora” – died during her sixth(!) boob job. It is believed she suffered two cardiac arrests after her breasts were enlarged from an F to a G cup. She had wanted to increase the size of her silicone breast enhancements from 500g to 800g (28oz) each.

Currently the anesthesiologist and the surgeon who performed the operation at the Alster plastic surgery clinic in Germany are being investigated on suspicion of negligent homicide.

Syringe by Dorian Cleavenger

Browsing the web for images to do with plastic surgery I came across a disturbing image ‘Syringe’ by Dorian Cleavenger: a woman on an operating table is hooked up to a blood transfusion and drip and whilst her body is pierce with countless syringes she masturbates. It is kind of surgery porn. On his website Cleavenger writes that the picture “…represents that adornment of ones body can be a way of self expression. It can also be a way of controlling your sanity and keeping ‘pierce’ of mind.”

I am all pro-choice that every person should look like they want but find it difficult to understand why someone would go repeatedly through the pain, expense and risks that any surgery implies.

When I recently had three kidney surgeries under general anesthetics I cried before every surgery like a baby because I was so terrified that I would not wake up. And even after I woke up the nightmare was not over yet – I was in A LOT of pain that even a drip full of morphine could not keep in check. The various catheters coming out of my body and collecting body fluids in various bags were also awful. So I cannot get my head around the fact that someone would voluntarily go through the pain and face the risks of surgery.

I am now in my late forties and accept that my body is changing and that even if I did spend a lot of money and time on having wrinkles ironed out or fat deposits removed, to recapture a youthful look would be an endless task. The body continues to change and age and to force it to change its shape or stay forever young comes with a hefty price tag: a lot of pain and the danger of permanent disfigurement or even death. I am vain, but not vain enough to pay that price.


To me, attractiveness and sexiness comes from individuality. I hate nothing more than the cloned bimbo look with surgically enhanced breasts, lips and face. To me this kind of look speaks for a lack of confidence and I find that unattractive and unsexy.

When I look at the casting questionnaires the first ones that end up on the “reject pile” are the ones that had lots of plastic surgery and conform to a certain look. I am interested in women and men that are unique and confident individuals who enjoy giving and receiving pleasure and are not fussed how they look during orgasm. What good is a wrinkle-free face if there is no light in the eyes, what good is G cup breast or 12 inch cock if you do not consider yourself worth much without those assets?

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