Female Friends

Female Friends

One of the highlights of Erotika Cologne was for me bumping into so many talented women who work independently in the erotic industry. I met Anja from Self Delve who has been designing her own “Garden of Eden” range of dildoes for just over a year now. Her cucumbers, carrots and bananas are made from a choice of hard or soft silicon and they change color during use – due to body heat. The green bananas turn ripe and ready yellow after they have done their job of pleasuring. This quirky idea made me laugh, and laughter and fun are such key elements in a happy and liberated sex life that I have no doubt that her fruits of garden Eden will become a huge success. I also met for the first time the wicked women behind “Mail & Female” from Amsterdam – one of the first sex shops ever to sell sex toys and porn for women in Europe. They have now designed and created their own range of fantastic lingery “Love from Holland”. All the beautiful items are made from the softest and most comfortable material so that they can be worn all day long and not just for special moments. I am chuffed that I was given as a gift my two favorite items: an open-cup bra with matching peek-a-boo knickers which will be tried out and tested very soon.

It is always a pleasure to see Laura Meritt again, who also came to Cologne from Berlin for a fleeting visit to appear with me in a German TV special on porn for women that was shot during Erotika for “Frau TV” (WDR). I feel that our female network is a form of support that money could never buy. It lifts me up and carries me through when I need it most and makes me glow with happiness in the strong believe that we are at the heart of a revolution in the adult industry right now. It is done by women and for women and we are getting more and more that do our best in creating photos and films, toys and lingerie based on our intuitive knowledge of what women really want. Working independently, we may seem small and to the industry giants – even insignificant – but together we are strong and we make a change that can be seen and felt at trade events, in the media and your local sex shop. And if your local sex shop or online retailer doesn’t stock female-made films, toys and lingery and you would like to buy them, ask why they don’t sell what you want, so we can grow from strength to strength…


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