Female sexuality: confident, daring and experimental!

Find out more about female sexuality in the 21st century, and get a sneaky peek behind the scenes on an alternative porn set…

I just received my proof copy of the German magazine “Der Spiegel” which ran their cover story on female sexuality. The article is based on a brand-new study of female sexuality as well as expert interviews (and I am proud I was one of them).

The study by the Institute of Sexuality at the University of Hamburg, questioning 2100 students, has unearthed lots of exciting and encouraging facts:

In 1996 only 11% of German women apparently used a vibrator or dildo, now it is 38% of women who pleasure themselves with a toy. It is not just toys that can be a huge turn on however: my thesis has always been that women are voyeurs too and can get turned on by porn, especially porn that features female fantasies and focuses on female pleasure. The statistics show that indeed more and more women enjoy porn and are not ashamed to admit this:

23% of women had watched porn in the last 4 weeks and 44% of couples now watch porn together. In 1996 only 29% of couples enjoyed porn together.

There are still some results in the study that surprised me. Apparently 82% of men and 85% of women currently demand sexual exclusivity in a relationship. In 1996 the figure was around 20% lower for both genders. So with all the experimentation in matters of incorporating toys and porn into a multi-faceted sex life going on, there seems to be trend towards monogamy happening at the same time. The article did not explain if the people being interviewed might have affairs behind their partners back or might have agreed to being ethical sluts – being in a committed relationship but having other lovers as well with the knowledge of their partner. 85% seems to be a very high number of people agreeing to sexual exclusivity.

Guilt-free female masturbation

One of the experts interviewed for the article is the Danish sex therapist Ann-Marlene Hennig. She wrote an explicit sex guide for teenagers, illustrated with lovely photographs. She mentioned that in her experience which is backed by many studies, less than half of girls between 16-19 have ever masturbated (or are confident enough to admit they do masturbate). The figure is only 43% of girls and 97% for the boys.

This just shows that girls and women still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to guilt-free sexual pleasures. It seems that more mature women have the confidence to masturbate, watch porn, play with toys, and experiment with their partner – whatever turns them on, but female teenagers are still ashamed to explore their bodies and pleasure themselves, as if they are waiting to sexually be kissed awake by their “prince” – young guys who usually are not particularly aware on how to pleasure a woman.

This is one of the reasons why (explicit) sex education that focuses on how to receive and give pleasure (rather than just on how to avoid getting pregnant or catching an STD) is so important. Why wait a decade or two before you can enjoy sexual bliss?!

I hope that with my films I am doing my part in capturing the magic that happens when the chemistry is right and lovers explore each other and their fantasies in a safe and sensual space. That my films might turn some (young) women on and be part of their self-pleasuring, or inspire them to live out their fantasies, makes me happy.

Behind the scenes on an alternative porn set

If you want to see how my films are created, what the vibe is like on set and why lovers chose to live out their fantasies in front of my camera, take a look at the “behind the scenes” video that “Der Spiegel” created with me. The video gives an intimate view from behind the camera during the making of my orgasmic erotic film (S)he Comes. You get to see some of the set up, and particularly the atmosphere on set – how to make sure performers are comfortable so they’ll have the most pleasurable sex on camera, and why there aren’t huge lighting rigs and lots of cameras on-set. It helps to make sure that the sex is authentic and sensual.

You can also meet some of the stars of (S)he ComesSasha Rouge and Marco D, a real-life couple who perform an amazingly energetic and passionate scene together. Sasha explains why she wanted to be part of the film:

“It’s important for women to reappropriate their sexuality for themselves, not always for others.”


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