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So, Fifty Shades hits the cinemas this weekend. I am not sure what all the fuss is about – as if there are not loads of other genuinely erotic, exciting and kinky films out there. Some of them hard-core porn, some of them are classified as soft erotica. Who cares as long as they turn you on? It has not always been as easy as it is now to find a huge variety of kinky, creative films. In 2004 I started shooting my own porn because I could hardly find any porn that featured female fantasies that turned me on. When someone asks me today which films I find hot or can recommend, I am spoilt for choice – the list of films is getting longer all the time. These are some of my all time favourites, some classic and some current films that I enjoy watching over and over again or that just recently left a big impression on me. This is not a descending list – I love all of these films equally in different ways, depending on which mood I am in.

Ecstasy in Berlin (Maria Beatty)

An artistic, erotic jewel from the grand mistress of Porn Noir. I love every single frame of this film but particularly the creative shots and sound-effects of the whipping scene. This is a film that makes you appreciate the ritualistic beauty within BDSM no matter if you are into it or not or if you like Lesbian porn or not. This film transcends and inspires, and ultimately that is a turn on. Think out of the box, go and explore your fantasies.

Jumpcut (Saskia Quax)

This is an outstanding film about a female submission fantasy by first time erotic filmmaker Saskia Quax. It is beautifully shot and the heroine’s dark fantasies of submission in the context of the rope play with her partner are breathtaking. This is intimate, exciting and fresh, and all of this without being explicit. Jumpcut is an exquisite erotic thriller – inspired by a skipping rope.

Studhunters (Candida Royalle)

A hot hard-core comedy featuring a female porn director looking for the perfect stud and star for her next movie. I love the final scene in which the director tests her six favourite guys herself and her wish is their command, they are mesmerised by her desire. All the guys are attractive in different ways and all of them are men enough not to compete with each other and just focus on her pleasure. Candida captured a fantasy that is top on a lot of women’s list beautifully. It is daringly different from mainstream porn and really hot.

I.K.U. (Shu Lea Cheang)

A sci-fi porn that is full of surprises. I love the girl masturbating in a bathtub – shown in a continuous un-edited top shot that makes her orgasm real and raw. And I really, really like the animations that look like internal penetration shots. To see a hot throbbing pink cock gliding along the internal walls of a virtual vagina makes me wet.

Pink Narcissus (James Bidgood)

This is a fantastic candy-coloured dreamscape of gay desire! A hot trip. Although the film features explicit shots, it is really stimulating in a subtle way. I LOVE the shots of the beautiful protagonist arching his muscular, naked body in the pouring rain. Ahhh, let me be the rain…

Un Chant D’amour (Jean Genet)

Un Chant D’amour is a masterpiece from 1975, building sexual tension and capturing desire through symbolic images rather than explicit shots. Two prisoners who can’t see but only hear each other through their cell wall pass smoke through a kind of blowhole in the wall to communicate. The smoke becomes a translucent metaphor for their saliva, sweat and cum (at least in my mind). The prisoners are hot; burning up with desire, masturbating furiously whilst fantasising about sex in a woodland. The third protagonist is a prison guard who watches each of the guys masturbating which sets him off on his own fantasies. I love the grubby prison setting, the monochrome mood, the triumph of fantasy over fact. Somehow these guys connect and make each other come even though they cannot even touch each other. OK, I admit it: I LOVE gay porn. Maybe I am a gay man trapped in a female body? Then again maybe I am just a woman whose objects of desire are male.

Pink Prison (Lisbeth Lynghøft)

This fem-porn classic is pretty hot all round, but to me the real standout scene is when a woman watches two guys get it on in a prison cell. She is a voyeur. I am a voyeur. She is lucky enough to step out of her hiding place and get it on with one of the guys after she watched him fucking a guy. I get excited just writing about it! There is also a session in a bathroom where the heroine gets to play with three (almost identical) angelic hunks with bleached blond hair, giant wings and wicked pecs. Sadly, the guys do not interact. Sorry, being a voyeur I can’t stop wanting to see gay action.

Orgasm – Faces Of Ecstasy (Marianna Beck and Jack Hafferkamp)

An astonishing film pioneering the concept of showing close-ups faces rather than genitals during sex and orgasms. Women and man of all age groups are being stimulated – by a tongue or a toy, a finger or a cock, by themselves or a lover. We don’t see how or by whom they get turned on but we see their facial expression changing as they get progressively horny and eventually climax. The faces are mesmerising and I like that what actually happens sexually is left to the viewers’ imagination.

Justify my Jiz (Jiz Lee and Wolf Hudson)

A gender-queer fuck fest. I loved it from the moment I saw it and love it more every time I see it. I love the fact that both Jiz and Wolf wear fishnet stockings and high- heeled boots. I love the fact that Wolf plays with Jiz’s silicone cock as much if not more than Jiz plays with his rock-hard real one. It is a great flow of give and take, culminating in explosive orgasms and Jiz’s beautifully flushed cheeks. It’s interesting what two directing performers can create together with minimalist kit. A great example that proves that chemistry and authenticity is everything in hot porn!

Justify My Jiz is part of the latest Her Porn compilation (volume six) that I curated – if you would like to get it on DVD you can find it on there together with more hot and subversive films that have never been published on DVD before.

The Band (Anna Brownfield)

I love this movie all the way. It has wit and humour and is daring, and features a great pegging scene. But my favourite scene features the male lead, a rough around the edges rock star getting off on cross-dressing and sniffing black-lace panties. It is unexpected and I like to be surprised. Surprises can make for great sex and hot porn. It’s also really intimate – a personal fetish/turn on that somehow is one of porn’s and certainly mainstream films great taboos.

Zazel – The Scent of Love (Philip Mond)

For settings, costumes, fantasy and creativity this amazing film sets the benchmark high. I mean, it features the painting of a wild orchid that comes to life and is actually then revealed to be a vagina… amazing. It is just a shame that it feels like the director had to pay for all the artistic freedom he had by shooting the sex in a bog-standard, boring, porny way. That is a let-down because the creative set up for each scene promises so much more: more freedom, more surprises, more subversiveness – rather than blow job, vaginal, anal, cum shot. So not strictly speaking on my top ten list, but worth watching because it is so creative and was ahead of its time, the first “artcore” porn if you wish (published in 1996).

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