Food for thought and gods


I am in wonderful Berlin, Berlin to find locations, performers and general inspiration for my next film – a burlesque erotic adventure… Yesterday I met Gisele for the first time – a wonderful young woman with esprit. She is French Canadian and has just moved to Berlin. Gisele picked up my casting flyer weeks back in Brighton and now we finally met in Berlin. She loves expressing herself through dance which is one of the reasons that makes her an ideal player for the new film. I love the fact that she is so beautiful, fresh faced but also open to naughty adventures and experimentation. We got on like a house on fire. Unfortunately her boyfriend will not be able to join the new film cast as he has a teaching position and obviously can not risk losing his job in exchange for an erotic adventure.

It is so inspiring to meet like minded people and get out of the UK and away from my computer for some real encounters. This is how I work best in dialogue, creating a mutually inspirational and supportive creative family. This family always changes from project to project. This is why it is hard work and takes many months to find the cast for my films. But this is also what keeps my work exciting and the films unique and refreshing. Every film is different and I want to keep it this way.

Tango Boys

Last night I went to see “Ambrosia” (Nectar of the gods) – a new erotic dance show created by two guys who used to work with cirque de soleil. The show was wonderful – creating subtle erotic scenarios with the use of exciting props and a variety of dance styles. There were men in heels (oooohhhh yeah), a contortionist, whips, bondage, white wax on a black chest and a lot of extremely skilled dancing ! The highlight was two gorgeous guys (one black, one white) dancing the tango together and ending it in a passionate kiss… I think I will never tire to watch two guys play together. I went backstage after the show to chat to Patrick and Johan King – the choreographers, main dancers and directors of this brand-new dance troupe. These guys have been working on this show for eight months and invested all their savings into the show with the aim to make erotic dance art accessible to a wide range of people who might never ever in their lives venture into a fetish or swinger club. I am a firm believer in networking, sharing skills and inspiring each other. It is fantastic to meet other people who follow their dreams and put their money where their mouth is so groundbreaking ideas can be out there rather than stay forever locked up on somebody’s brain. I hope to work with Brian and Johann – I will shoot their show for them and they will help me with their choreography and possibly dance for me as well. More info:


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