From Fantasy to reality

Petra Joy

Yesterday I had the pleasure to do a privately commissioned photo shoot with a couple that have found me through watching “Female Fantasies”. They love the movie and it continues to inspire their love life. I was glad to hear that the film especially turns her on – we aim to please! She very much liked Marc Cuirass in fishnet tights and a mini skirt – I agree hunky guys can look hot when they cross dress. I love capturing a couple’s chemistry and got carried away shooting for hours to get many shots that they could never achieve using a self timer. It was so much fun to create many different looks together and make some of their fantasies come true. The husband J. whose birthday it was ended up dressed up in heels, stockings and a bowtie. These pictures are for their eyes only but they kindly agreed for me to show her gorgeous laced up bottom.

I was happy and excited to read the couples’ entry into my guest book:

“Wow, it was as good as the fantasies we’d been having about the day. So looking forward to “Feeling it”! Great fun, intimacy and daring too. What an inspiration for more. Thank you for making a special day very, very special…”

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