German Wings

Angel Shoot

Today against all odds we finally filmed the angel scene. Phil from Germany came to my rescue after Ciciolino pulled out from the shoot last minute. Phil flew over especially even cancelling a lucrative photo shoot to help me out. I can not even begin to say how much I appreciate his commitment to the project and spontaneous support.

The weather was perfect: a sunny day promising a glorious sunset. We shot a very slow, sensual scene with stunning images. Phil and Vanessa looked gorgeous together – him being the hunk in angel wings and her being a petite beauty.

The only problem was that the sunset came way too soon and I felt overwhelmed with multi tasking – sometime times there is just not enough time for me to do it all: directing, camerawork and stills photography, especially when the clock is ticking. I have always wanted to work with a minimal crew to keep the set intimate but am seriously debating to possible hire a camera person so I can focus on directing and taking stills. It will be difficult to find the right person: someone with a good eye, un-phased by the sex and able to relate to the whole team in a non-judgemental, supportive way.

I am also looking for a runner who can help out during the next shoots whilst gaining production experience. I guess it is time to make the team stronger as when there are 7 performers like in the imminent group scene shoot, I can simply not do it all!


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