Good news at last!

Petra at Erotika

I am sitting on the plane right now, high above the Rhine and a beautiful sunset over Cologne. I am tired but happy. I even do not mind that I just had to pay easyjet £25 for excess luggage because my suitcase is so jam packed with press releases, lube samples and the latest vibrators from the trade show “Erotika 2008″. I have had the most amazing time. I went to Cologne feeling wobbly because in my gut I thought maybe this is my last adult trade show and maybe I will never create another erotic film. Not because I want to move on doing other things but because of economic necessity. For over four months I have been trying to find a distributor, I have written endless emails and done too many calls to even count – most of which were never returned. With only 800 copies of “Feeling it!” sold so far, my financial situation looked grim. Feeling the pressure of having to sell 10,000 copies just to break even and more if I would like to make a profit and invest into another film, I was at breaking point.

The night before the trade show I did not sleep. And then one meeting made me cry with joy and gave me back my wings. As it turned out, I am still owed money from a previous distributor for DVDs that were sold over the last two years during which I hadn’t been informed that reprints were made. So this unexpected income comes as a life-saver in difficult times. I have also secured distribution, although at smaller initial quantities than I hoped for. But it is a start rather than the end and that fills me with joy. I am so glad to be finally sharing some good news with you and to be able to promise that I will create another art-core film – my fourth – some time in the future.

It was also a lucky coincidence that the woman’s film festival was on in Cologne during my stay and I spent the evening and late, late nights glued to my seat in cinemas soaking up stunning and creative visuals from all over the worlds. I love to be inspired in this way, it is a real pleasure to see what other filmmakers come up with. So I am traveling home with a contract in my pocket, many ideas in my head and some lovely toys from sin five that I can not wait to test drive. Their designs are stunning and the vibrators are strong, silent and effective – what more can a girl ask for?!


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