Good News: The “Joy Award” is born

Petra Joy

I spent the first part of this year creating my compilation “Her Porn” which is a celebration of the female pioneers of porn from a female perspective. To look back and take stock also made me look ahead and think about the future of this genre and new generations of female erotic filmmakers. I truly believe that we will become more and more. This is not a flimsy fashion that will soon subside.

If more women get the chance to portray female sexuality in their own, unique way, and their work will be seen and heard, then we will be unstoppable. And maybe one day, 50% of erotic films (or even more) will be made by women, allowing us to get a balanced perspective on female and male sexuality and desire.

I believe in creativity and innovation. I have always wondered why the adult industry has until now never run a competition for new directing talent as any industry, especially a creative one, will benefit from fresh talent who dares to break the mould. Change is growth.

Sometimes you have to stop wondering and waiting for a change and just do it yourself. I am therefore proud to announce that with the support of my sponsor pjur ( and with the hospitality of the pornfilmfest ( in Berlin I am now running an international short film competition for first-time female erotic filmmakers. The topic is “What is erotic to you?” and I think that the more women share their insights with us, the better… We pretty much know what turns most guys on but what women find erotic is still mostly ‘terra incognita’ to us.

I am hoping for many exciting submissions in any genre or style – the more creative colours of the rainbow the more sensual flavours, the better.

The best three films will be shown in a cinema in Berlin during the pornfilmfest in October. This also where the winners will receive their trophy, the brand-spanking new Joy Award and prizes. All three winners get cash prizes plus a goodie bag from pjur. The best ten films will also receive a signed copy of “Make your own adult video” and a copy of my DVD compilation “Her Porn” and the chance to be published in my upcoming compilation “Her Porn”, volume two.

From years of battling the odds, I understand how hard it is to raise finance for a film and get your first work published and distributed, especially if your film questions clichés and breaks the mould, so I really hope that through my mentoring and the sponsorship from pjur we will discover some new female talent and make more female fantasies seen and heard.

I am honoured that I will be supported in the jury by two extraordinary, talented and pioneering women: Maria Beatty, the award-winning fetish filmmaker and creator of the genre “porn noir” ( and Nicole Ruediger, one of the founders, editors and publishers of the “Jungsheft” ( – a cult magazine featuring nude and masturbating guy candy for their female readers in Germany.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the award’s sponsor pjur who have already supported me in the past by donating samples of their fab “pjur woman” lube for “Her Porn”. I also want to thank Juergen Bruening and the team of the pornfilmfest for letting us host the awards ceremony in Berlin during this exciting film festival which manages every year to bring erotic and porn onto the big screen in cold out cinemas.

Walt Disney used to say “If you can dream it, you can do it!” – my slightly adapted version is “If you can dream it, you can shoot it!”. I really hope you will make your dreams come true and express yourself in your very own erotic film – I am so glad I did shoot and publish my erotic films – it has been a really empowering experience. And I hope it will be the same for you. See you in Berlin!

More information on the award is available here:


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