Happy Birthday Jungsheft!


I want to congratulate the fab Nicole and Elke who have just published their 10th edition of JUNGSHEFT – an alternative porn magazine for women.

The editors’ journey started five years ago, round about the same time that I launched my erotic film production. Elke and Nicole wanted to create a magazine that shows sexy photos of the guy next door – stripped naked and with erect cocks. Their subjects are not oiled-up, beefcake style models but normal, unpretentious, sexually liberated guys who volunteer to be shot for the female viewing pleasure. JUNGSHEFT also features lots of editorial on topics that are taboo in mainstream women’s magazine such as strap-on sex or trush.

The magazine has cult status in Germany and is only available via an online subscription or in select few progressive cafes and hairdressers in Cologne. What makes the magazine so special is that it does not feature any adverts and is truly independent. Elke and Nicole had offers to go big with the magazine but that would have meant lots of compromises and ultimately selling out. I think this is something that many women working in erotica have in common: they do it for their own creative pleasure and to bring joy to other women and rather than being motivated by profit margins.

So the magazine stayed small and beautiful. JUNGSHEFT is by and for women, a genuine alternative to the overload of glossy women’s mags that tell us how to please men and sell us crap that we don’t need. Recently the editorial team has also added the “Giddyheft” – alt porn for guys or girls who like chicks, featuring the woman next door – guaranteed air-brush free. Even though the magazines are not available in English, I think anyone who likes alt porn could enjoy the booklets – for their great erotic photos alone.

The magazines always need women and men to take their clothes off for the camera, so if you fancy a sexy adventure, apply!

More info: jungsheft.de


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