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Petra Joy at Mail and Female

I have just returned form the most exciting weekend in Amsterdam. I had been invited by the team of “Mail and Female”, an excellent female-run sex shop to do a presentation on how to make your own creative porn. The workshop was for ‘women only’ and was fully booked within a few days. 45 women came to be inspired and empowered and I am glad to be able to pass on my knowledge as a film-maker as well as my personal experience as a female director in a still hugely male-dominated industry. There are tips and insights you don’t learn at film school and I gladly support other women who are just setting out to produce their vision of female erotica. Only when 50% of (adult) films are made by women we will head towards a more balanced representation of male and female desires. We have a long way to go yet.

I want to thank the team from “Mail and Female” for inviting me and all the women who came and shared their thoughts and ideas. I hope that some exciting short films will be created as a result of my workshop and the aspiring director’s creativity.

There was a massive media frenzy that surrounded my visit. I cannot remember how many interviews I gave exactly but it was a real buzz to go to the newsagent on Monday and pick up the newspapers. The lovely team from “Mail and Female” and I were featured on the front page and in a huge full colour spread in two leading newspapers. We were also featured on various TV channels. It is great that the message that many women do like explicit erotic films is finally heard and seen.

Petra in the Press

What surprises me about the press is that they tend to portray all female pornographers as the same. But the truth is that even though some of us share a similar vision or visual style, we are all completely different and unique.: There are female directors out there who break the porn rules and focus on female pleasure and find new ways to show orgasms. Others produce porn that follows the mainstream rules – including the obligatory money shot at the end of every scene.

It is almost as if the media tries to keep us in check by putting us in a box labelled “female pornographers” and we are supposed to all like and do the same things. But in reality we are individuals with varying tastes and styles. I welcome the great variety that women currently produce and would appreciate if journalist took the time to actually view the films of directors they write about. This would enable them to understand and appreciate how different our visions of erotica are and that the gender of the director will not necessarily produce a certain style. There are many different women out there with varying erotic tastes. It is about time that they all can find food for thought.


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